[Iris] 0315 Small school or Large school

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John is your neighbor who is going to attend junior high school next year. He is struggling with making a choice between a large school and a small school. He asked you for advice and he wanted you to analyze in terms of “studying and learning", “making friends" and “extracurricular activities".

Please help John by writing in 140-190 words. He said he would thank you very much.

I will prefer(suggest) you to go to a large school. 我建議你…

  • prefer不能當作"我比較希望你…"
  • 不然就說: If I were you, I would prefer large schools to small schools.

For me, the  elementery(elementary) school I go(studied in) before is a small school, too. It was peace(peaceful) and wonderful.

  • peaceful, wonderful都是形容詞,可以講得更具體,例如同學單純、盪鞦韆沒人搶…

However, whensince I go(went) to a junior high school, which is a large school with 23 classes in a grade, I have found it was more amazing to me! There were(are) more school teams and clubs to join (available), and(but) the compete is harder competition is intense, too.

  • too容易誤用

You will need more energy and work really hard to be the first place in your class, or even in whole school! About another question, I‘ll prefer spending more time on “studying and learning", cause(because) don’t forget you have a 會考(High School Entrance Exam) three years later! Friends and other activities may be important, but I think you can enjoy these things in high school. For now, just study hard!




[Iris]0308 science or language?

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Benefits of learning science

With the knowledge of science, you learn to think logically and solve a problem. It is this problem-solving skill, which is learnt in the early years that have enables a person to solve problems. Communications, medicine, transportation, and almost everything you see around you are mainly present because individuals have used their knowledge of science to create real life applications. Knowledge in this subject also enables you to understand many other subjects better. 

Awareness about technology 

Learning the basics of how certain devices work can help you develop ideas of your own and invent new technology. Even the knowledge of how to use telescopes, microscopes, and other devices in a laboratory can help you in examining objects and determining differences between them. Fixing minor problems in electronic objects in your own home is possible when you have the basic knowledge about technology. 

How to conserve natural resources 

All aspects of the environment have a deep impact on our lives. As a student, science helps you to learn about how the earth functions, and how to make use of natural resources. It also teaches you how the lack of these resources affects living things, and how you can conserve these resources.

When you learn about wildlife in science, you will learn about the many species that are already extinct, because of shortage or absence of certain resources and environmental changes. Awareness about such aspects can help you contribute towards preserving wildlife. Science also teaches you to recycle and reuse products and promote a greener environment. This knowledge is very essential to help save our planet for the future. 

Why learn a language?

Even a little knowledge of the language can make a difference in attitude when you meet people from other countries. Speaking another language helps to break down barriers.

Work and business
It can help you give an added advantage in your career if you work for an international firm or a company with international customers or contacts.

Music, film, arts and culture
If you like literature, fims or music from other countries, learning the language will help your appreciation and understanding.

For a challenge
You can learn a language in short, bite-sized sessions and you’ll enjoy a sense of satisfaction from achieving short-term goals, such as learning how to say hello, introducing yourself or numbers 1-10.

[Iris] 0228 A great place to go

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A Great Place to Go
Tell us about a place you go to, what you can do there, and what you like most about it.  (140~190 words)

This winter vocation(vacation) I went to Pingtung to vist(visit) my grandparents. And the best place that impressed me a lot is the “Pingtung Tropic(Tropical) Alagriculture(Agriculture) Expo". It is a big place that showed where diffrent(different) farming events were held and it’s actually very fun and cool!

There were a lots of (a lot of) things to do there. There was a paddy field that showed(displayed展示、陳列) a Hellow(Hello) Kitty made by crops, and you(visitors) can take pictures there(with it); . There was(were) also some tunnels made by(?) every kinds of (換成: various kinds of) melons, and some of them(指什麼?) were actually funny(why?)! If(When) you were tired, there was a big stage for you too sit down and watch shows or music performance. Oh, and I really loves to collect cute Kitty stamps! It might be my favorite part in this exhibition.

The “Pingtung…" is free and you can enjoy a lot of fun activities their(there). No matter Dont’t miss the yummy snacks(yummy!) or(and) some DIY projects, don’t miss it when you go to Pingtung next time!

Tropical 熱帶的vs. Tropic回歸線

No matter 的用法補充

[Iris] 0207

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0206、0207 Book review

0206 Book review

Mandela moved to a poor place –Johannesburg, and(,where) he met a very special white lawyer that(who) worked for both black and white people. They soon became friends and decided to joined the African National Congress(ANC)-the group fighting for rights for black and other non-white Africans. At first, they started(launched發動/ initiated/ staged) a peaceful protest, that many black people didn’t go to work(strike罷工; went on strike), but it didn’t work, and Mandela was known by the government so he couldn’t leave his town anymore(he was forbidden to leave his town). Soon, they changed (their protest) into a harder(violent) protest that included destroying things in the government (buildings). However, Mandela was sent to(in) prison for five years after it.

 Mandela is a very brave man that(who) has the courage to make a change, . Although he hasn’t success(hadn’t succeed/ didn’t succeed), but I am still very admire him. I also learn that democracy isn’t free. There were so many brave people in the past fighting so hardly for today’s fairness, so we must be appreciated of it.


0207 Book review

(Please inform your reader what book you’re reading as well as its genre, publication year, author or any descriptions that matter)

Robert was excited as he jumped into the boat. It was the first time he sailed the boat by himself, and it was also a good opportunity to show that he was a strong and brave man now. So he soon began his journey. At first, the boat was so perfectly[移到後面] floating so perfectly on the sea. Robert saw a lot of beautiful plants and special animals. But soon, the wave became big and the weather changed to be stormy. The boat was almost flipping [almost flipped/ was at the point of flipping即將要翻船]! Fortunately, Robert knew how to swim, so he soon escaped to the land. When he got onto an island [=landed上岸/ swam ashore游上岸], it was still raining, so Robert found a little cave and hide in it. At the same time, he took out his intercom and called his family and soon they were here[arrived] to save him. Robert finished his journey and now[at last] he also became a brave and strong man in his village. (152 words)

[Iris]1130 上課

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1.文法練習: fill in the four blank

The person I admire most is my friend, Kevin. We have known each other since we were in the first year/ were first graders in junior high school(我們從國中一年級時就認識了). My seat was just next to his, so we became good friends immediately.

Kevin studies hard and is good at math/ excels in math(他對數學很拿手). He usually helps the classmates who don’t understand math problems and explains every problem for them patiently. Besides, he is a positive boy. (3)Although he lost his right leg some years ago and had to depend on his wheelchair, but he never complains about his fate.(畫線處有一個錯誤,請揪出) He told me before that he wanted to be a doctor one day so he can help more people who have the same trouble walking. I really admire Kevin’s determination and I believe that he (4)can make his dream come true(畫線處有一個錯誤,請揪出).

2. 翻譯練習- 我的偶像

我最喜歡的流行音樂偶像是蔡依林(Jolin Tsai),因為他很時髦、聰明又勇敢。首先,她懂得用混搭不同服飾的方式,來表現(present)獨特的流行風格。除了能歌善舞,她也曾翻譯過瑪丹娜(Madonna)寫的童書《英倫玫瑰》(The English Roses)。我最佩服的是,即使在她事業最低潮(lowest point of her career),她也沒有放棄。我希望蔡依林能繼續唱歌和翻譯,也希望我有一天能像他一樣勇敢有自信。

My favorite pop idol is Jolin Tsai because she is stylish, smart and brave. To begin with, she knows how to  mix different kinds of clothes to present her unique fashion. Aside from being able to sing and dance , she translated Madonna’s children book, The English Roses. What I admire most is that even though she is at the lowest point of her career, she didn’t give up. I hope Jolin Tsai can continue her music and translation and that one day I can be as brave and confident as she is.


[Iris] 1123 A respectable teacher

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1. First Birthday學習單
2. 翻譯練習: 歷史老師


知識淵博: knowledgeable;精通: be an expert in;投影片slide;勃然大怒: lose one’s temper

Our history teacher is very knowledgeable and is an expert in world history. She is a talented storyteller and is always able to arouse our interest in usually boring history. Besides, she plays slides or video to make us more understand history events. When the results of mid-term exam came out, we didn’t do well on history. Although she is a bit of disappointed, she didn’t lose her temper. Our history teacher is so learned and creative in teaching so she is the best teacher I have met. 

3. 翻譯完後,請用100字以內,描寫一位你印象最深刻的老師,可以是以前或現在,學校或補習班的,寫作的方式可以參考這篇翻譯。




[Iris]1114 上課

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Good Luck and Bad Luck


Katie’s birthday party [Future Tense Practice-Answer key]

On Saturday, Katie will be one year old. Katie’s parents are going to have a birthday party. The party is going to begin at noon on Saturday. Many people will be at the party. Katie will have so much fun!

Katie’s dad is going to cook hamburgers. Katie’s grandmother is going to bring ice cream. Katie’s aunt is going to bake a cake. It will be a chocolate cake. Katie will love her cake!

All of Katie’s relatives will bring presents. Katie is going to open her presents after lunch. Then, everyone will eat cake and ice cream. Katie is going to have a good first birthday!

[Iris] 1109 上課

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提示: monthly exam月考、得第二名come in second、考滿分get a perfect score

I could hardly believe how lucky I was last month. Early last month, I came in second in the guitar contest. In the middle of the month, I got a perfect score on my monthly English exam. At the end of the month, my uncle from Japan gave me a video game that I had always wanted for my birthday. I had never been so lucky in my life.


最後得第幾名: (以第二名為例)

come in second
= finish second
=come in second place (不用加the)
=take /get second place

1. contest
2. competition
3. game
4. tournament

[Iris] 1102 翻譯練習Luck

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1 藍色文法 unit 22
2. 翻譯練習: Luck

提示: could hardly believe不敢相信、out of stock缺貨、had never been so…這輩子從來沒有

Jack could hardly believe how unlucky/unfortunate he was yesterday. Early in the morning when he was riding his bike to school, he almost hit an elderly person. During the math class, he got only 10 points on his quiz. When he went to the bookstore after school, he found that the book he had been wanting was out of stock. He had never been so unfortunate in his life.