[Howard] 1112上課

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Today’s schedule:

  1. complete paragraph “Students should be allowed to have cell phones in school"
  2. Ivy vocabulary unit 12
  3. Grammar (FCE) modal verbs
  4. Translation practice
  5. 冷知識: 水也會過期? https://tw.voicetube.com/videos/27112

講義: Students should be allowed to have cell phones in school


[Howard]1102 Youth in Politics

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奧地利誕生了全世界最年輕的總統,年僅31歲的庫爾茨(Sebastian Kurz),打被政壇前輩,Kurz所在的人民黨,有限度的支持移民進入奧地利,因此能在現在歐洲移民潮中贏得人心。Kurz並非異軍突起,27歲時就擔任外交部長。同樣的,現在台灣的立法委員也有年輕化的趨勢。你認為由年輕人擔任總統、部長等級的高官,可能的好處或壞處有甚麼? 請說明

Kurz當選報導(中文): http://www.bbc.com/zhongwen/trad/world-41632745



word doc: Should politicans be young

[Howard]10/17 上課

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  1. 作文

A New Way of Brushing the Floor

         There is a rule in CK High School: Every class has to clean up its classroom in the afternoon on the second day of the exam. The reason why this rule is important is because this is the only time that students would clean up their classrooms seriously. However, the rule couldn’t stop the students with experimental spirits in my class from researching anything they think of. Since we found some sodium hydroxide and ammonia, which is probably left by our seniors in the shelf in the back of our classroom last week, we decided to use not only cleaner and soup but also these chemistry solutions to scrub the floor. So what’s the result? After the cleaning time is over, we still don’t know if our classroom is cleaner or not, but there is one thing for sure—our classroom was filled with disgusting smell.

2. 文章填空: What it’s like to be that fat person sitting next to you on the plane

3. 冷知識: 水也會過期? https://tw.voicetube.com/videos/27112

[Howard] 0919 Artificial Intelligence

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人工智慧(AI, Artificial Intelligence)是近年來備受討論的科技趨勢,像是打敗世界棋王的AlphaGo、Google的自動駕駛車(self-driving car)、掃地機器人(sweeping machine),都屬於人工智慧的應用。然而,也有一派人認為我們不該過度發展人工智慧,否則機器人將會取代人類,甚至如電影「機械公敵」,機器人有發展出自己的意識,進而攻擊人類。

以你的認知、看過的新聞文章,你對於人工智慧的態度為何? 是保守或是樂見其成,或是其他? 為什麼你會這麼認為? 請清楚寫出原因,並加上舉例佐證。 (150-200字)

Recently, Artificial Intelligence(AI) has been a hot topic in academic and industrial world. Some people consider AI as the next step of human development, expecting high-tech AI application such as self-driving car, sweeping machine and so forth. These applications used to be part of sci-fi movies; however, they have been fulfilled at present and have hit the market. Seeing the positive development of AI, I also support AI to be immersed in our daily life. The following are some reasons.

First, with the assistance of AI, people can spend less time on laborious work and spend more time on high-end work. For example, in some restaurants and hotels, robots have been used to serve as waiters and reception attendants. In some factories, workers have been partly replaced by robots and humans, so they can focus on designing products and other creative work. If robots can help humans do the tedious and laborious work, humans can spend more time on developing, researching, designing and thinking, which can contribute to even more profits.

Second, AI robot can act as humans’ new company. Chat robots like Siri in iPhone, OK Google in Chrom, or humanoid robots with face, actually have been widely used in our life. People can chat with the robots, ask them questions, or simply seek for comfort. These robots inserted with database can answer people naturally. What’s more, the robots can learn from talking and create more different answers, which make them more human-like. This kind of robots are welcome to people at all ages.

In conclusion, AI has immersed in our life and are beneficial. AI Robots take up labor-consuming work so people can make efforts on creating meaningful value. Chat robots can be people’s alternative friends who they can share their personal emotion with. In the near future, AI will be more prevailing in our lives.


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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when your grandparents were children.

        I agree that life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when my grandparents were children. There are two reasons that I think so.  that can support my argument.

        First, scientists and inventers inventors have invented a lot of new things [that benefit our lives] in these recent decades. It doesn’t mean that all the new inventions can improve the quality of our life. There must be both helpful of unhelpful things in those inventions. For those unhelpful inventions, we can ignore them, and pretend that they don’t exist. This way doesn’t change our lives at all. However, for those inventions that are helpful to us, we can start using them to make are live easier and more comfortable. For example, someone invented the mobile phones, which make people can connect with each others easily. People believe that mobile phone is an useful and helpful invention, so it became popular, and make more and more people’s lives easier and more comfortable.(這些才是這段重點,放到前面先講)

        Second, [Taiwan is more peaceful than it used to be.]my grandparents were born in Taiwan in the 1950s, when the KMT and the CCP were having the Chinese Civil War. A few years later, the KMT lost and retreated to Taiwan. Before they are 40, they lived under the martial law, which is the martial law that lasted for the longest time in the world. How could it be possible to live a wonderful and comfortable childhood during that period of time? Today, there is no more war between Taiwan and China, and Taiwan become a country of democracy and freedom. The life in Taiwan now is definitely easier than before.(後面才是重點,)

        Because of For the two reasons above, people nowadays can  not only enjoy the new technology and inventions but also have a safe and joyful childhood. So, I believe that life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when my grandparents were children. 

[Howard]0529 TOFEL作文

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Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on the specific theories discussed in the reading passage.

The author of the passage gave three theories about the possible uses of the Chaco structures. First, the Chaco structures could be a large apartment in which hundreds of people live because there are similar buildings for human to live in in New Mexico. Second, the Chaco structures could be a huge room to store food supplies because grain maize, one of the main crops of Chaco people, could be stored for a long time. Third, they could be ceremonial centers because many broken pots, which could be used for festive meals, were found inside. [Actually, you don’t have to develop the reading passage into a paragraph, just paraphrase it within 3 sentence.]

However, the lecturer disagrees all the theories. The Chaco structures have few fire places for cooking, so it isn’t possible for people to live in. If they are the room for storing grain maize, there should be traces or containers of the maize, but there aren’t. Also there are buildings materials in the Chaco structures, which aren’t suitable to a ceremony centers. The lecturer thinks none of the theories is correct. [Here is the actual points where the question asks you to answer. Examples, evidence shown in the recording should be mentioned.]


The lecturer holds a disagreement toward the three theories answering the mysterious construction of Chaco. None of the theories is convincing enough. For the first theory that the Chaco structures are residential buildings, the lecturer objects to it based on the number of fire places, which is a sign of cooking and living. He mentioned that even in the largest room, there were only 10 fire places. Moreover, there weren’t enough rooms for hundreds of residents to live in. With these evidence, it’s impossible to be an inhabitant place.  Secondly, the lecture denied the assumption that it could have been a food storage because there was no trace of grain maize. If it had been for food collection, there should have been lots of containers. However, they could hardly be found in the room. Last, he said that it wouldn’t  have been a location for special ceremonies. Even though some pots have been found there, the lecturer suggests that these pots were left by the construction workers after they had a meal. These pots are also assumed to be construction materials. (To sum up,the lecturer believed that the Chaco structures were neither for habitation, nor for food storage nor for ceremonies.)


[Howard]0523 TOFEL(agree or not)

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People today spend too much time on personal enjoyment—doing things they like to do- rather than doing things they should do.
–> 題目是在問,你覺得這個說法是對的嗎?

  1. agree: 我看到很多人都花太多時間在做自己喜歡的事,[但他們同時也很認真過生活]
    • 休息是為了走更長遠的路
    • 生活經驗是進步的元素
    • 有些人是興趣結合工作
  2. disagree: 我看到現代人大多忙於工作、學業,而非做自己喜歡的是

People today do spend more time on personal enjoyment than before, but I don’t think this means they spend less time on working or become lazy. [There are three factors to support my idea.]

First, [people needs more rest to release the heavy pressure from work and life]. Rest is for longer journey. It is important to have enough resting time for workers because it is a way to save energy. Also, looking forward to resting time can support a person’s mind when he or she is tired of working. Take me/myself for example, when I feel tired during class time, I always/will say to myself,” It’s almost break time. Hold on for a few more minutes.” Then I can focus on my study a little more. In the break time, I take a rest and make myself well-prepared for the next class. Just like resting can make me learn better, having sufficient rest can always boost one’s working efficiency.

Second, I believe that people do more personal enjoyment because the belief that life experience is an important part for people to improve is getting popular. By doing their personal enjoyment, they can easily get a lot of life experience, which can help them do better job at work. For example, a teacher who likes to travel can learn a lot of foreign culture in his trips, and he can talk to his student about that to  give students better knowledge.  As a result, numbers of people tend to spend time on personal enjoyment because it can lead to better work performance.   (如果結論停留在此,題目應該是「做自己的事的優點」,應該再扣回「現在人因此會多花時間在做有興趣的事」)

Third, there are things that are combinations of work and rest(*unclear). [people are choosing to do things that can both interest them and enhance their ability.] Sometimes, it’s hard to judge if a person is working or resting(playing)(?) because he or she may be doing both at the same time. Take children’s English learning for example, there are education resources for children(換成student可更有學習是義務的聯想) which include games and videos, such as Voicetube, and children can learn by playing the games or watching the videos. By these resources, children can learn and have fun at the same time. The more fun they have, the more they learn. There isn’t a line between resting and working. [舉例和解釋要對應: work 還是 learn?] Under such circumstances, it seems that people spend more time on doing what they like, but they are doing what they take charge of as well. 

In conclusion, I agree that people today spend more time on personal enjoyment, but it doesn’t mean people become lazy or they don’t work as hard as they did before. In fact, their work performance may even be better than before because of the practical experience they have got on doing what pleases them. the time they spend on enjoyment.


Sample Essay

The question of how our leisure time should be spent has been debated for many years. Many people feel that people today spend too much time on personal enjoyment, but I hold the opposite opinion. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following essay.

​First of all, people spend more time working than ever before, which means that broadly speaking, individuals are spending a lot of time doing things that they should be doing. Studies indicate that we spend more time at our offices than ever before, and that smart phones and internet access means that people continue to work even when they are not being paid. My own experience is a compelling example of what I mean. I work for a large investment banking firm where my scheduled workday is from nine o’clock to five o’clock, but I actually average about eight hours of overtime every week. I do not do this because I enjoy it, but because I feel a sense of obligation to provide a service to my company and earn money for my family. Everyone at my firm does the same thing. We often compare ourselves to our parents, who almost never worked overtime nor took weekend calls and e-mails from their bosses. It seems like the present generation emphasizes professional obligations over  personal enjoyment.

​Secondly, it seems to me that many popular leisure activities include a self-improvement aspect, which means that even our hobbies fall into the realm of what we should be doing. One of the most popular past-times these days seems to be long distance running, an activity which is also incredibly beneficial for our health. Another perfect example is the way I spend most of my free time working out at a local gym. Although this is certainly enjoyable for me, part of why I do it is that it keeps me strong, healthy and fit. This makes me both a better family man and a better employee. I consider all of these to be things that I should be deeply concerned about.

​In conclusion, I am of the opinion that people today do not spend an inordinate amount of time doing things that they like to do. This is because people work longer hours than ever before, and because even our personal hobbies tend to involve an aspect of obligation.

source: http://www.toeflresources.com/index.php?id=toefl-essay-do-people-spend-too-much-time-on-personal-enjoyment

[0505]Howard 托福作文

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In the reading passage, the author gave some reasons for believing supporting that dinosaurs were endotherms; however, the speaker in the lecture seemed to have a different point of view.[他提出幾點推論??]

The author of the passage believed that only endotherms, the animals that can keep their body temperature constant, were able to live in polar regions, and some dinosaur fossils were found there. But the speaker in the lecture thought that there were[are]warm and cold seasons in the polar regions. In the warm seasons, it was hot enough for the dinosaurs to live, and in the cold seasons, the dinosaurs might have moved to the warmer area for a while. In this point of view, dinosaurs could be reptiles. 

Another evidence that supports that dinosaurs were endotherms is that dinosaurs’ legs were underneath their body, not at the sidebeside.(20分鐘)This means dinosaurs were probably able to run, and running is allowed if the animal is an endotherm. However, the speaker said that dinosaurs’ legs were underneath their body was because their bodies were so heavy that their legs couldn’t support their bodies if their legs were beside their bodies.

The last evidence that the author of the passage gave is that fossilized bones of dinosaurs are usually dense with Haversian canels, which are bone structures that are only included in endotherms and allow animals to grow quickly. The speaker in the lecture said that dinosaur fossils also include “growth ring”, which make animals grow fast and slowly in warm and cold seasons, and this can be an evidence that dinosaurs were reptiles.

These are the reasons that supports the author of the passage and the speaker in the lecture.(35min) [In conclusion, according to A and B, the lecture objects that dinosaurs were reptiles. ]


Polar dinosaurs


[Howard]0424 上課資料

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Topic: Cheering for the team


The World Baseball Classic was going to take place. Wang, Chen and Huang,  three baseball fans, wanted to cheer for Chinese Taipei. However, they lived in the school dormitory where there was no TV to watch the game live. In order to cheer for the team they support, they decided to go to Tianmu Baseball Field, where the game was going to take place/ be held be in. Their school was in Taichung, so they bought three HSR tickets and took HSR to Taipei  Main Train Station. However, when they arrived [at Taipei Main Train Station]–> there, they found out there were too many people who wanted to take the shuttle bus (有指定)buses to Tianmu Baseball Field. So they [had no choice but to]stand in line and waited for about 3 hours.

When they finally got on the bus, it was already 5 p.m., which was two hours after the game started[/ when the game had started for two hours]. They started to felt worried because the traffic was so terrible then, and that they might not be able to get to the field before the game ended. As a result, they decided to get down the bus at the Flower Expo Station, which is a station between the field and Taipei Main Station. They spent their whole night in the Exposition(for contemplation??). They thought of an idea: why don’t we be a volunteer in Taichung World Flora Exposition next year? Although they missed the baseball game, they were still happy and looking forward to the exposition next near.

(225 words)

評述: 文章發展與圖片不符阿~~

參考作文: (by Sandy)

The World Baseball Classic was going to take place. Wang, Chen and Huang, three baseball fans, wanted to cheer for Chinese Taipei. However, they lived in the school dormitory where there was no TV to watch the game live. In order to cheer for the team they support, they thought of an idea. They invited other roommates who were also interested in baseball to buy a new TV together.

As the game started, they were all excited and kept yelling with their hands raising in the air to cheer for every player. In the bottom of the ninth inning, Chinese Taipei was falling behind by 1 score. Wang, Chen and Huang were so nervous that they held their breath, staring at the TV concentratedly.

At this crucial moment, the TV screen suddenly shut down. All of them were stunned and confused. Chen tried to turn on the TV again but in vain. Fortunately, Wang and Huang majored in electronic engineering so they quickly fixed the problem. However, the game had ended when they finally turned on the TV. Chinese Taipei won, but they missed the most important scene. Without other choice, they could only wait for replays on TV. How pity they were!

(207 words)



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4/4 – 4/11

【單字吃飽飽】 Ivy 單字 unit 5 : 1~10個

【聽力喝足足】 完成上週 [永遠躺在床上會發生什麼事] 的測驗、聽影片【贏得樂透會讓你更快樂嗎?】 並完成測驗

【文法來車拚】 完成 Bewley’s Oriental Cafés [Simple Present, Present Perfect, Simple Past, Past Perfect]

【口說口說口】這週請 至少1天 到 voicetube> 每日口說挑戰 參加錄音挑戰 

Bewley’s Oriental Cafés

Fill the gaps with the correct tenses.

  1. Bewley’s (be) an old Irish tea house chain.
  2. The history of the famous Bewley’s Oriental Cafés (begin) in 1835 when Charles Bewley (import) over 2000 chests of tea directly from the Chinese province of Canton to Dublin.
  3. It (not / look) like a great deal today, but back then it(be) a coup: no man before (dare) to import tea directly into Ireland.
  4. Bewley’s initiative (put) an end to the East India Trading Company’s tea monopoly which before 1835 (force) the Irish to import their tea from London.
  5. Samuel Bewley’s son Joshua also (become) a tea merchant.
  6. Like his father, he (import) tea into Ireland.
  7. The Irish (like) the idea of not having to import old tea from London.
  8. A tea expert (notice) that even the poorest Irish people (buy) only the finest tea.
  9. By the end of the 19th century a tea culture (develop) in Ireland.
  10. In 1894, Joshua’s son Ernest Bewley (want) to stimulate the market for a product that (be) rather unknown that far: coffee.
  11. In the back of his shop in Dublin’s George’s Street, he (begin) to run coffee making demonstrations.
  12. His wife (bake) scones to go with the coffee, and the couple soon (find out) that their idea (be) extremely popular among customers.
  13. That (mark) the beginning of the first Bewley’s Oriental Café.
  14. In Dublin’s Grafton Street, Ernest Bewley (open) another Bewley’s Oriental Café in 1927, on which he (spend) nearly 60,000 Pound.
  15. Still now the interior furnishings and wonderful stain glass (provide) a very special oriental flair.
  16. During World War II, Bewley’s (must restrict) the supply of tea to an ounce per head, and many customers (switch) to coffee.
  17. Today, Bewley’s (be) Ireland’s leading supplier of quality coffees and teas.
  18. It (create) a catering service for larger customers such as Trinity College and it (open) cafés in book stores and Dublin Airport.
  19. Bewley’s Clipper Gold Tea and Espresso Prima (win) Gold Awards in the London Great Taste Awards.