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Election is coming. Do you think the young should pay attention to politics? Why? And What characteristics do you think a good leader should have?



High school students in northern Taiwan show support for LGBTQ community


Student’s at Wu-Ling High School in Taoyuan have organized a number of activities in support of same-sex marriage

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Anti-equality referendums(反對兩性平等公投) triumphing on Saturday (Nov. 24) has left many within the LGBTQ community feeling alone in society, so students at a senior high school in northern Taiwan’s Taoyuan County (桃園) decided to organize a spontaneous activity to show support for their peers.

The students, who can be seen standing in front of rainbow flags, held up signboards saying, “Society couldn’t offer you equality, but I can offer you a hug.” The activity, the students say, was to make sure all still felt welcome at the school after Saturday’s referenda.

—>造句看看S + who關係代名詞+ v.+o.

Photographs have been making the rounds on social media of several students at National Wu-Ling Senior High School (武陵高級中等學校) offering free hugs and carrying signs emblazoned with (宣傳) messages of encouragement.




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Do you think the young should pay attention to politics? Why? What characteristics do you think a good leader should have?

I think young people should also pay attention to politics because there might be new laws or new policies that we are infected. Even students  should pay some attention to politics, don’t take none care of it.

A good leader should be kind so they could help the people who are poor or have some disadventeges. Also, if a leader is kind, he or she can help us solve some of our problems.(不夠具體)

A good leader should also be smart. If the leader is smart, he or she can make right decisions for people. I think these two characteristics are qualities that a good leader must have, so they(這是指甚麼?) can make benefits to us.



Should AI be given the same rights as humans?

I think artificial intelligence robots, AI robots, should not be given the same rights as humans. There are some reasons to support this statement.

First, artificial intelligence robots(AI robots) are the things that people create[are created by humans], but they are not asthe same as humans,; instead, they are like our slaves[assistant]. Next, given(giving) the same rights to robots might be dangerous.  A lot of science fiction movies are about artificial intelligence robots replaced humans using powerful weapons and intelligence.

(In conclusion,) people have rights because we are still animals, we will die in some days. Robots are machines, they should not be given the same rights because they are not humans.

**權力包括什麼? 工作權? 結婚權? 社會福利?


**為什麼因為機器人不是人,所以就不能給予一樣的權利?  要講出如果給了權力,會造成什麼問題?



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Which is most important in your life: love, friendship or money? (Please explain)


–money有人會用bread and butter替代,有聽過有人說: 「你要選擇愛情還是麵包?」麵包代表物質生活,也就是賺錢




選一回合的多益閱測,寫 5. incomplete sentences(30題) & 6. text completion(16題)兩個大題



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For 9/30

Writing: Dating in the digital age

Watch the video https://tw.voicetube.com/videos/68957?ref=new

Do you agree with the argument the video claims? Why or why not?  Please explain in detail in about 100-120 words.


For  9/23

1.Read the news report and answer the following questions.

click here: Soylent meal replacement gets UK launch


  1. What is “Food Void"?
  2. What is the report about?
  3. translation: please translate the text into Chinese: “Eating whole food is always better when possible as there is an element to the chewing and digestion process that is important to our systems and psychologically food is key for us too"

2.Grammar in use

Additional Exercise: American travel (上次有寫一些,把它完成)



If you like your drinks to taste slightly chalky with a hint of porridge then this could well be a lunch option for you.

The main ingredient – after water – is genetically modified soya protein, so the drink unsurprisingly tastes like a protein shake from the gym.

Of the three launch flavours – original, cacao and cafe mocha – cacao is probably the most recognisable as it’s a bit like a chocolate milkshake… if you try not to think about it too much.

Does it fill you up? It did for a bit. At 400 calories per drink, it’s a bit heavy to be classed as a snack, but my liquid lunch companion was running for the nearest sandwich bar after two hours and while I’ve resisted that temptation, I’m not sure I could face another one for dinner

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1.Read the news report and answer the following questions.

click here: Astronauts tackle air leak on International Space Station.


  1. What happened to International Space Station?

A small hole was found in the capsule of ISS, which caused an air leak.

  1. What is the cause of the problem?

It is inferred that the small hole was caused by a high-speed rocky fragment flying through space.

  1. How did the federal space agency notice the problem?

The air pressure sensor on board the station detected abnormal air pressure and alerted the mission controllers.

Answer in a complete sentence!


2.Grammar in use

Additional Exercise: Reported speech — Questions 5 & 6


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Watch the video and article below:

Why is  a Measles outbreak in Europe? 

歐洲麻疹大流行WHO: 拜託大家打疫苗

Answer the short questions:

  1. What issues does the video talk about?
  • The video talks about Measles outbreak in Europe, and the phenomenon that parents in Europe didn’t let their children get vaccinated because of misleading myth about the Measles vaccine.
  1. Why the disease is so serious?
  • Many people think it is just rash, but the problem is it can be so much more than that. It can lead to really serious complications, things like brain swelling, meningitis, blindness, and even liver problems, to name just a few.
  1. Why some parents in Europe chose not to let their children get vaccinated? 
  • In some ways, vaccines may have become a victim of their own success. Because they’re doing well and doing what they are supposed to do. Maybe people are not seeing the serious complications of things like Measles and may think it is not a serious disease.
  • Anti-vaccine movement in 1990s when Andrew Wakefield made a baseless and disproven link between MMR vaccine and autism.
  1. Who is the woman speaking in the video? (Her title?)
  • 11.PNGs_8473107021995.jpg其他補充:
  • smallbox 天花
  • Polio virus小兒麻痺
  • spark fears 激起恐懼
  • 112.PNG

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Grammar in USE —Additional Exercise

0821 Grammar in Use homework(PDF,紅色打勾處為作業)


這部分是靠記憶,建議你在考多益前可以多翻翻Grammar in Use unit 134-142_Phrasal verbs,你在寫閱測時會很有幫助