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1.Read the news report and answer the following questions.

click here: Astronauts tackle air leak on International Space Station.


  1. What happened to International Space Station?

A small hole was found in the capsule of ISS, which caused an air leak.

  1. What is the cause of the problem?

It is inferred that the small hole was caused by a high-speed rocky fragment flying through space.

  1. How did the federal space agency notice the problem?

The air pressure sensor on board the station detected abnormal air pressure and alerted the mission controllers.

Answer in a complete sentence!


2.Grammar in use

Additional Exercise: Reported speech — Questions 5 & 6



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Eugene's Writing

Watch the video and article below:

Why is  a Measles outbreak in Europe? 

歐洲麻疹大流行WHO: 拜託大家打疫苗

Answer the short questions:

  1. What issues does the video talk about?
  • The video talks about Measles outbreak in Europe, and the phenomenon that parents in Europe didn’t let their children get vaccinated because of misleading myth about the Measles vaccine.
  1. Why the disease is so serious?
  • Many people think it is just rash, but the problem is it can be so much more than that. It can lead to really serious complications, things like brain swelling, meningitis, blindness, and even liver problems, to name just a few.
  1. Why some parents in Europe chose not to let their children get vaccinated? 
  • In some ways, vaccines may have become a victim of their own success. Because they’re doing well and doing what they are supposed to do. Maybe people are not seeing the serious complications of things like Measles and may think it is not a serious disease.
  • Anti-vaccine movement in 1990s when Andrew Wakefield made a baseless and disproven link between MMR vaccine and autism.
  1. Who is the woman speaking in the video? (Her title?)
  • 11.PNGs_8473107021995.jpg其他補充:
  • smallbox 天花
  • Polio virus小兒麻痺
  • spark fears 激起恐懼
  • 112.PNG

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Grammar in USE —Additional Exercise

0821 Grammar in Use homework(PDF,紅色打勾處為作業)


這部分是靠記憶,建議你在考多益前可以多翻翻Grammar in Use unit 134-142_Phrasal verbs,你在寫閱測時會很有幫助




Eugene's Writing

For  7/22  class

1.  Read the news article Cave rescue: Hope became reality

A map of cave system where a group of Thai schoolboys are trapped

Answer the following questions:


  • Write a letter in 100 words to encourage the boys who were rescued. Please be gentle and show your concern, and anything you want to say.mickey1




2.  Grammar in Use– Additional exercise 

Passive (你的應該不是22,找到對應的題目,只要完成這一大題就好)



Eugene's Writing

檢討Grammar in Use



China: Banana price hit by oversupply (點我下載)

The overall banana price showed a downward trend last week. The main reason for this development is as follows: production areas brought their harvest to the market at the same time in bulk. The banana volume in the market therefore suddenly increased. The main banana supply currently comes from Myanmar, Laos, and Yunnan. Myanmar and Laos are large banana producing countries. When they bring their harvest to the market in bulk, then the storage volume of bananas is large, and the price naturally comes down; furthermore, in the summer people prefer to buy seasonal summer fruits rather than bananas. When peaches, watermelons, and muskmelons enter the market in large volumes, then bananas lose the competition and their price comes down.
Another reason for the banana price decrease is the increased temperature. The hot weather makes it difficult to store bananas, as bananas require colder temperatures for storage. This is particularly true for bananas that are already ripe. If the bananas are kept in storage for too long, then the peel will develop black spots. The price naturally decreases as product quality degrades.
Source: Henan Wanbang Market
Publication date: 6/28/2018

Q. What’ the reasons for the banana price decrease? (three reasons)


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上課用檔案: past and present exercise

Grammar in Use

  1. Unit 14 Past Perfect: 14.1、14.3
  2. 請下載: Tense practice,完成present perfect & past(2.1~2.16)



美國人為什麼有事沒事都要微笑? (Why Do Americans Smile So Much?)


1. 面帶微笑的臉龐 _________ ______
2. 族裔 n______________y
3. 建立信任和合作 _______ __________ and ____________
4. 開朗地笑  smile e_______________y
5. 德國人視微笑為調情 In German, people ____ it ___ __________.


[Eugene] 0610 Mercy Killing

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Additional exercise (p. 296)–第1題 (也可以看下面的題目寫)



Agree or disagree: Mercy killing should be legalized?

Mercy killing 中文為安樂死,學術名稱為euthanasia,源自於希臘語,eu在希臘語中意指優的、好的、幸福的,thanatos代表希臘的死神。




Me Before You 一部非常動人的romance movie,講有關一位英氣挺拔的才子因為車禍而頸部以下癱瘓,遇到當作照護者的女主角,兩人的生命激起火花,但男主角最後還是選擇安樂死。

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Eugene's Writing

Should Chinese or English be the global language? Please explain.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently surprised Chinese students when he spoke to them in Chinese. In a talk at Tsinghua University in Beijing, Zuckerberg spoke Chinese for about 30 minutes. Although his Mandarin was far from perfect, students and faculty cheered his effort.



你還是覺得英文是global language嗎?


我們來寫Grammar in Use


[Eugene] 0520 Grammar in Use

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波西傑克森 句子節錄 (The socks of death)

I was used to the occasional weird experience, but usually they were over quickly. This twenty-four/seven hallucination was more than I could handle.

play trick on

act as if they were convinced that…

Mrs. Kerra perky blond woman whom I had never seen in my life had been our pre-algebra teacher.

Grammar in Use檢討



將 Exercise 47.3 、47.4 的答案改成間接問句。前面可以加上 I don’t know/ I wonder/  Can you tell me/ Please explain… 當作開頭