[Iris] 0315 Small school or Large school

Iris' writing

John is your neighbor who is going to attend junior high school next year. He is struggling with making a choice between a large school and a small school. He asked you for advice and he wanted you to analyze in terms of “studying and learning", “making friends" and “extracurricular activities".

Please help John by writing in 140-190 words. He said he would thank you very much.

I will prefer(suggest) you to go to a large school. 我建議你…

  • prefer不能當作"我比較希望你…"
  • 不然就說: If I were you, I would prefer large schools to small schools.

For me, the  elementery(elementary) school I go(studied in) before is a small school, too. It was peace(peaceful) and wonderful.

  • peaceful, wonderful都是形容詞,可以講得更具體,例如同學單純、盪鞦韆沒人搶…

However, whensince I go(went) to a junior high school, which is a large school with 23 classes in a grade, I have found it was more amazing to me! There were(are) more school teams and clubs to join (available), and(but) the compete is harder competition is intense, too.

  • too容易誤用

You will need more energy and work really hard to be the first place in your class, or even in whole school! About another question, I‘ll prefer spending more time on “studying and learning", cause(because) don’t forget you have a 會考(High School Entrance Exam) three years later! Friends and other activities may be important, but I think you can enjoy these things in high school. For now, just study hard!






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