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0206、0207 Book review

0206 Book review

Mandela moved to a poor place –Johannesburg, and(,where) he met a very special white lawyer that(who) worked for both black and white people. They soon became friends and decided to joined the African National Congress(ANC)-the group fighting for rights for black and other non-white Africans. At first, they started(launched發動/ initiated/ staged) a peaceful protest, that many black people didn’t go to work(strike罷工; went on strike), but it didn’t work, and Mandela was known by the government so he couldn’t leave his town anymore(he was forbidden to leave his town). Soon, they changed (their protest) into a harder(violent) protest that included destroying things in the government (buildings). However, Mandela was sent to(in) prison for five years after it.

 Mandela is a very brave man that(who) has the courage to make a change, . Although he hasn’t success(hadn’t succeed/ didn’t succeed), but I am still very admire him. I also learn that democracy isn’t free. There were so many brave people in the past fighting so hardly for today’s fairness, so we must be appreciated of it.


0207 Book review

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Robert was excited as he jumped into the boat. It was the first time he sailed the boat by himself, and it was also a good opportunity to show that he was a strong and brave man now. So he soon began his journey. At first, the boat was so perfectly[移到後面] floating so perfectly on the sea. Robert saw a lot of beautiful plants and special animals. But soon, the wave became big and the weather changed to be stormy. The boat was almost flipping [almost flipped/ was at the point of flipping即將要翻船]! Fortunately, Robert knew how to swim, so he soon escaped to the land. When he got onto an island [=landed上岸/ swam ashore游上岸], it was still raining, so Robert found a little cave and hide in it. At the same time, he took out his intercom and called his family and soon they were here[arrived] to save him. Robert finished his journey and now[at last] he also became a brave and strong man in his village. (152 words)




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