[Iris]1130 上課

Iris' writing

1.文法練習: fill in the four blank

The person I admire most is my friend, Kevin. We have known each other since we were in the first year/ were first graders in junior high school(我們從國中一年級時就認識了). My seat was just next to his, so we became good friends immediately.

Kevin studies hard and is good at math/ excels in math(他對數學很拿手). He usually helps the classmates who don’t understand math problems and explains every problem for them patiently. Besides, he is a positive boy. (3)Although he lost his right leg some years ago and had to depend on his wheelchair, but he never complains about his fate.(畫線處有一個錯誤,請揪出) He told me before that he wanted to be a doctor one day so he can help more people who have the same trouble walking. I really admire Kevin’s determination and I believe that he (4)can make his dream come true(畫線處有一個錯誤,請揪出).

2. 翻譯練習- 我的偶像

我最喜歡的流行音樂偶像是蔡依林(Jolin Tsai),因為他很時髦、聰明又勇敢。首先,她懂得用混搭不同服飾的方式,來表現(present)獨特的流行風格。除了能歌善舞,她也曾翻譯過瑪丹娜(Madonna)寫的童書《英倫玫瑰》(The English Roses)。我最佩服的是,即使在她事業最低潮(lowest point of her career),她也沒有放棄。我希望蔡依林能繼續唱歌和翻譯,也希望我有一天能像他一樣勇敢有自信。

My favorite pop idol is Jolin Tsai because she is stylish, smart and brave. To begin with, she knows how to  mix different kinds of clothes to present her unique fashion. Aside from being able to sing and dance , she translated Madonna’s children book, The English Roses. What I admire most is that even though she is at the lowest point of her career, she didn’t give up. I hope Jolin Tsai can continue her music and translation and that one day I can be as brave and confident as she is.





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