[Eugene] 0813 Bike Dreams

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Its author is –> , which is written by

“This interesting book is about a gentleman, Phileas Fagg, who bets 20000 pounds that he can travel around the world in 80 days. Then, he quickly leaves London with his servant Passepartout to go around the world by ships and trains."

Because of …. –>Because of the stupid detective, Fogg almost delayed his journey and lose all his money. But he finally makes it. (時態一致)


divinities, deity

strorms –> storms

“Earthshakers" and “Neptune"

This book also had written –> This book also includes…



haul (v.) 拖曳、拉;(n.) 搬運距離


is a series of fiction books —> fiction series

補: fiction/ fictional story

這個故事內容圍繞在…:  The series revolves around Greg Heffley’s middle school life.

This book/series  was is about Heffley family’s extremely disastrous road trip.

Because of  the space problem[Because of lack of space].  , Greg, his older brother Rodrick and his dad got their boat from under [the bottom of ]the deck.

It is a funny story. It is also a film. –> It is a funny story and has been adapted into a film.

It this this is a great book that some of the parts are really funny.

These series let me… –>The series

series(n.) 雖是複數型,但這是"一個"系列,所以不是These series喔~


They made Dandelion’s brother, Doodlebugand Izzy Wishbones’ bikes really cool.

They got them paid 

fixing bikes –> “blinging" bikes / modifying bikes




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