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Endangered animals in Taiwan

Do you know any endangered animals in Taiwan? Because of over-development and people’s consuming habits, a number of species, including Formosa Black bears, Taiwanese white dolphins, whale sharks and so on, are being extinct. To solve this problem, what can we do to save these animals? Please write down your thoughts and actions in detail.At lease 110 words.


請完成unit 30, 32, 33

Taiwan is such a beautiful island, we have high moutines[spelling], big forests, and also have different kinds of animals. However, because of people‘s over-development, endengered[spelling] animals such as Taiwanese blue bird, Formosa black bear had[present perfect/present tense] no home to live [in] . When I was in the first grade, I can saw[Vr.] blue birds flying in my school or in [add an article] park. But now, what can I see is just birds flying with a garbage everywhere[??]. I really feel bad about that. But[,but] I think, there are no enough people nowing[spelling] these true things[facts]! We must propaganda[use V. propagate] to more people about it, and also find goods[spelling] ways to solve it, to[so as to] make Earth a better plant[spelling] to live [in].

物種: species
e.g. Endangered species

動物的棲息地: habitat
e.g. The grassland is an important habitat for many wild flowers.

宣傳: promote/propagate/spread an idea
e.g. We should promote endangered animals protection; otherwise, they will disappear from the Earth forever.

動物保育: animal conservation
e.g. Hunting in the wildlife conservation district is forbidden.

British Council -Animal protection









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