[Mickey]0614 補澳洲行的課

Mickey's Writing


1.   請將影片介紹下方單字/片語記在筆記本上,並寫上例句
2.  看完影片後,請點選上方“測驗",完成三個階段的考驗喔!

[要寫] After the video, are you interested in Harry Potter Studio? If you had a chance, would you want to take a tour there? Why or why not? (at least 100 words)

Although I am not interested in Harry Potter novels[lacks a main clause]. If I had a chance, I would want to take a tour.[add a conjuction] The studio seems to be really fun!

The [facilities in the ]studio building is really magnificent. [For example?] There are some main characters’ [magical] tools. [link the sentence to the former]With all the scenes in the Harry Potter novels. I also want to try the amazing butter beer. [link the two sentences] Sweet things is are always my favorite.

After watching this video, I really want to read Harry Potter novels[and visit Harry Potter studio]! I really like books about magic[fiction novels]. Percy Jackson is one of my favorite books! It is also about magic, with heroes and bad guys!. [You need to have a conclusion.e.g As a result, it must be fantastic if I could visit the magic a]S_6235803057667S_6235803091884





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