[Iris]0608 Emma put books in Subway.

Iris' writing



1.   請寫下影片中你不會的字(以全民英檢中級單字為主),記在筆記本上
2.  看完影片後,請點選上方“測驗",完成三個階段的考驗喔!

※[回答] (答案都在影片裡)
1. What did Emma do in the subway.
She is hiding books in the subway.

2. Why did Emma do so?
She want to make people love reading and to spread the love.

3. What do you think about her action? Will you do the same thing as she did? Why or why not? (at least 100 words)
I think Emma’s action is very good because she can let more people read the good book and they will not feel bored in the subway. But I think she don’t need to put so thick book because we can’t finish it. I will prefer to put thin but great book, and I think Taipei is a good example of it. Some station in Taipei, has some bookshelves in it, and there are different kinds of books. You can take a thick book if you want to go to a far place, or take a thin one for just one or two station. I will not put books in our MRT, but maybe I can read books in it!




**直接講,時間拉長,盡量到1分鐘,中間停頓沒關係,可以說well…/ let me think… 之類的詞


1.  Where are they?
2.  What are they doing?
3.  What might be the reason why they do so?
4.  If you still have time, please describe the picture in as much detail as you can.





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