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[Iris]0627 Animal protection

Iris' writing


Endangered animals in Taiwan

Do you know any endangered animals in Taiwan? Because of over-development and people’s consuming habits, a number of species, including Formosa Black bears, Taiwanese white dolphins, whale sharks and so on, are being extinct. To solve this problem, what can we do to save these animals? Please write down your thoughts and actions in detail.At lease 110 words.


請完成unit 30, 32, 33

Taiwan is such a beautiful island, we have high moutines[spelling], big forests, and also have different kinds of animals. However, because of people‘s over-development, endengered[spelling] animals such as Taiwanese blue bird, Formosa black bear had[present perfect/present tense] no home to live [in] . When I was in the first grade, I can saw[Vr.] blue birds flying in my school or in [add an article] park. But now, what can I see is just birds flying with a garbage everywhere[??]. I really feel bad about that. But[,but] I think, there are no enough people nowing[spelling] these true things[facts]! We must propaganda[use V. propagate] to more people about it, and also find goods[spelling] ways to solve it, to[so as to] make Earth a better plant[spelling] to live [in].

物種: species
e.g. Endangered species

動物的棲息地: habitat
e.g. The grassland is an important habitat for many wild flowers.

宣傳: promote/propagate/spread an idea
e.g. We should promote endangered animals protection; otherwise, they will disappear from the Earth forever.

動物保育: animal conservation
e.g. Hunting in the wildlife conservation district is forbidden.

British Council -Animal protection






[Iris]0620 Design your clothes

Iris' writing



The floating swimming suit was invented by Iris Huang at June 19th, 2017. It was an amazing invention that can help many kids learn how to swim easyly. As now, It’s still a good example of helping people to swim.


You can say it was just a swimming suit. But the most differently, this suit can also be a floating suit! All you need to do is blew some air into the straw on left, then you can float on the water just like a balloon! Many children was afraid of water, but with this coat, he will not sink anymore!




Issue on clothing

Emma Watson’s Beauty and the Beast costume made eco-friendly

Emma Watson IG

The press tour IG

[Mickey]0617 I like Australia

Mickey's Writing

What do you know about Australia? Please choose one topic that you’re interested in, and introduce the place and explain why you like it.

My family and I are going to Australia two days after[後天]! Our first step, Sydney, is my favorite place in Australia. [是否先該說你接下來要介紹tourist attraction?] The Sydney Opera House, the most well-known landmark of Australiaand the Harbour Bridge, which is  134 meters height, are the best hot spots in Sydney. [轉折詞,告訴讀者你接著要講吃吃喝喝的部分] In Sydney, there are also many awarded and innovative restaurants. [For example??] [轉折詞,告訴讀者接著要講自然景觀]We are also going to the Blue Mountains National Park. It is just under within a two-hour drive from Sydney. There are tall forests, sandstone cliffs, waterfalls and bushland. [選一個結尾用的轉折詞] Sydney is a fantastic place to visit!


Australian accent


Australian Accent Challenge with Josh Gad for Beauty and the Beast | Oh My Disney

Americans Vs. The Australian Accent






[Iris]0615 harry potter studio tour

Iris' writing


1.   請將影片介紹下方單字/片語記在筆記本上,並寫上例句
2.  看完影片後,請點選上方“測驗",完成三個階段的考驗喔!

[要寫] After the video, are you interested in Harry Potter Studio? If you had a chance, would you want to take a tour there? Why or why not? (at least 100 words)


If I had a chance, I would not like to take a tour there. The reason is brief and simple– I am afraid of it(what is “it"? be specific). To be honest, I have been watching [past tense] that movie before, but it will[past tense]  let me can’t[(be)not able to] sleep for three days?!(exclamation mark) Although the studio wasn’t[present tense, “seems to be" will be better] scary at all, but[delete] I will still feel scared. Oh! And the rolarcoaster[misspelling] in it will be too high and too fast for me, so even though[even if] you give me two free tickets… I’ll just smile and return to you.



amaze(v.) 使…驚艷

absolutely、definitely(adv.) 絕對

intricate(adj.) 精細、複雜的

magnificent(adj.) 宏偉的

e.g. intricately designed and spaciously magnificent 精工細琢、雕梁畫棟


其他studio tour(影城之旅): 大白鯊JAWS、侏儸紀Jurassic Park、金鋼(King Kong)



**直接講,時間拉長,盡量到1分鐘,中間停頓沒關係,可以說well…/ let me think… 之類的詞


[Mickey]0614 補澳洲行的課

Mickey's Writing


1.   請將影片介紹下方單字/片語記在筆記本上,並寫上例句
2.  看完影片後,請點選上方“測驗",完成三個階段的考驗喔!

[要寫] After the video, are you interested in Harry Potter Studio? If you had a chance, would you want to take a tour there? Why or why not? (at least 100 words)

Although I am not interested in Harry Potter novels[lacks a main clause]. If I had a chance, I would want to take a tour.[add a conjuction] The studio seems to be really fun!

The [facilities in the ]studio building is really magnificent. [For example?] There are some main characters’ [magical] tools. [link the sentence to the former]With all the scenes in the Harry Potter novels. I also want to try the amazing butter beer. [link the two sentences] Sweet things is are always my favorite.

After watching this video, I really want to read Harry Potter novels[and visit Harry Potter studio]! I really like books about magic[fiction novels]. Percy Jackson is one of my favorite books! It is also about magic, with heroes and bad guys!. [You need to have a conclusion.e.g As a result, it must be fantastic if I could visit the magic a]S_6235803057667S_6235803091884


[Mickey]0611 論說文挑戰+看見台灣

Mickey's Writing

I agree students should enjoy later school start times. I have three reasons, health, safety and stress.

My first point is health. It had been proven by scientists that it is at 7 o’clock in the morning that our body is producing melatomin, which is really important for our body because it controls our biological clock. Nowadays, students often go to bed late because of the home work and quizes. If students don’t get enough sleep at night, they might fell asleep in class and get ever worse poor/bad grades!

My second point is safety. Some students were injured by car accidents( –There are more than one hundred students getting injured in car accidents). Students who always get up late often don’t care about other cars (lose attention/focus) when they walk across the street.  It is a very dangerous. If students enjoy later school start times, these problems would be much less (solve/ reduce). Also, student can have more time to pack their bags, so they won’t leave some books behind and waste time( is it about safety?).

My last point is stress. Students, who don’t get enough sleep, will get(suffer from) more stress. It is not good for children and teenagers. Their sleep effects(affects) their height, too. Students will be shorter if they don’t sleep much.(about health?)

I have talked about health , safety and stress. For these reasons, I beg to oppose.



影片1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klZENvKnYSQ

影片2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIq0cMghn5U

台灣英文新聞  http://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3184628

My daily life–A celebration

gamesIris' writing

2017/ 0608

Today we had a celebration for our achievement at school.At first,I felt exited about it,but soon I found out it was a terrible celebration.First ,the hamburger only had meat and an egg. Next,the french-fries were tasteless.So I feel sad about that because I had been looking forward to have a hearty meal that include soup,fruit,or some snacks. However,I am not the principal,so I can not change anything but only can appreciate the dish they provided us.


Howard's Writing

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when your grandparents were children.

        I agree that life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when my grandparents were children. There are two reasons that I think so.  that can support my argument.

        First, scientists and inventers inventors have invented a lot of new things [that benefit our lives] in these recent decades. It doesn’t mean that all the new inventions can improve the quality of our life. There must be both helpful of unhelpful things in those inventions. For those unhelpful inventions, we can ignore them, and pretend that they don’t exist. This way doesn’t change our lives at all. However, for those inventions that are helpful to us, we can start using them to make are live easier and more comfortable. For example, someone invented the mobile phones, which make people can connect with each others easily. People believe that mobile phone is an useful and helpful invention, so it became popular, and make more and more people’s lives easier and more comfortable.(這些才是這段重點,放到前面先講)

        Second, [Taiwan is more peaceful than it used to be.]my grandparents were born in Taiwan in the 1950s, when the KMT and the CCP were having the Chinese Civil War. A few years later, the KMT lost and retreated to Taiwan. Before they are 40, they lived under the martial law, which is the martial law that lasted for the longest time in the world. How could it be possible to live a wonderful and comfortable childhood during that period of time? Today, there is no more war between Taiwan and China, and Taiwan become a country of democracy and freedom. The life in Taiwan now is definitely easier than before.(後面才是重點,)

        Because of For the two reasons above, people nowadays can  not only enjoy the new technology and inventions but also have a safe and joyful childhood. So, I believe that life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when my grandparents were children. 

[Iris]0608 Emma put books in Subway.

Iris' writing



1.   請寫下影片中你不會的字(以全民英檢中級單字為主),記在筆記本上
2.  看完影片後,請點選上方“測驗",完成三個階段的考驗喔!

※[回答] (答案都在影片裡)
1. What did Emma do in the subway.
She is hiding books in the subway.

2. Why did Emma do so?
She want to make people love reading and to spread the love.

3. What do you think about her action? Will you do the same thing as she did? Why or why not? (at least 100 words)
I think Emma’s action is very good because she can let more people read the good book and they will not feel bored in the subway. But I think she don’t need to put so thick book because we can’t finish it. I will prefer to put thin but great book, and I think Taipei is a good example of it. Some station in Taipei, has some bookshelves in it, and there are different kinds of books. You can take a thick book if you want to go to a far place, or take a thin one for just one or two station. I will not put books in our MRT, but maybe I can read books in it!




**直接講,時間拉長,盡量到1分鐘,中間停頓沒關係,可以說well…/ let me think… 之類的詞


1.  Where are they?
2.  What are they doing?
3.  What might be the reason why they do so?
4.  If you still have time, please describe the picture in as much detail as you can.