[Iris] 0529 history of chocolate

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請觀賞The history of chocolate

1.   請寫下影片中你不會的字(以全民英檢中級單字為主),記在筆記本上
2.  看完影片後,請點選上方“測驗",完成三個階段的考驗喔!

※[回答] (答案都在影片裡)
1. If I were born in 1590, could I eat chocolate?
No, chocolate didn’t exist until 16th century.

2. What did the Mesoamericans think about cocao in 1900s?
They believed cocao was a heavenly food gifted to humans by Kukulkan, a feathered serpent god.

3. Who changed the world of  chocolate forever in 1828? What did he do?
Coenraad van Houten.  He invented the cocoa press which could separate the cocoa’s natural fat or cocoa butter. 

4. What horrific abuses of human right  are mentioned in the video?
They use slave and child labor as employees.




示威、遊行: demonstration、protest、campaign (for/ against)

e.g. These people launched a demonstration against nuclear power on the downtown.

e.g. These demonstrators staged a peaceful protest against nuclear power

標誌、告示: banner、sign

訴求 appeal, call for

抗議方式: hunger strike, sit in, strike(-struck x2)
反核遊行(2017. 3. 11)–   anti-nuclear

tw-nuke-2(source: 香港獨立媒體)

勞工遊行(2017. 5. 1)–   labor protest

16083498(source: 中央社)

同志遊行(2016. 10. 29)–   same-sex marriage campaign


政治遊行(government protest)、
軍公教遊行(civil servant groups protest)、
移工遊行(foreign workers protest)




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