[Iris]0523 what is a calorie?

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1. what is a Calorie? What does it mean?
One calorie, the kind we measure in food, also called a large calorie, is defined as the amount of energy it would take to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree Celsius.

2. How is the energy used in our body(3 ways)?
The energy is used in 3 ways: 10% enables digestion, 20% fuels physical activity and 70% supports basic functions of our organs and tissues.

3. Does everyone should shoot for around 2000 calories per day?
Not necessarily. It depends on what you do per day.  An athlete needs more than 2000 calories a day; however, an old man needs less than that.

4. Which food gets you more energy? 100 calorie serving of celery or 100 calorie serving of potato chips?
100 calorie serving of potato chips. Because fibrous foods take much more energy to digest, the actual energy you will get will be less.






1.  Where are these children?
2.  What are they doing?
3.  Do you think they are enjoying themselves? What makes you think so?
4.  If you still have time, please describe the picture in as much detail as you can.




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