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Please open English Grammar in Use- unit 52
How to check the usage of words?(like where to place the word “please"?)
questions and auxiliary verbs




What do you think the future school will be? Is it similar to what the children in the video imagined? Please write down your answer more than 100 words.  

I think future schools is  will be more convenient than the schools nowadays. Teachers will use some software programs like Skype and Zoom to teach online. Students can learn at home using computers,iPads and iPhones.

Nowadays, there are more and more people in the world. (學學還可以怎麼說: World population is growing continuously.) Houses are not enough for everyone, so we can destroy all schools and build new houses[, where online education will be held.](Be reasonable) Online teaching is also great too! InBy using Zoom, students can also raise their hands, write their answers on the" whiteboard “, ask questions and so on. (Can you think of any other advantages of learning at home?)

I think onlineschools will be really popular in the future. It is very convenient. This is a fantastic idea!


1. Why did the girl start the zero-waste life?

She saw that everything was packaged in plastic.

2. What did the girl do to reduce her amount of trash?

Composting and buying in bulk. (please answer in a complete sentence.)









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