[Iris] 0508 兩篇作文

Iris' writing

If I have a new skill   /Iris Huang

If I could learn a new skill, I would like to learn about how to stay in good spirit without sleeping. Everyday I always think that I don’t have enough time to do my things. I usally sleep just after I finish my homework,  but I want more time to do what I really like. Such as: drawing, reading, singing. If I don’t need to sleep, I could got 8 hour more to do my own things. I could also got more time to write my homework or prepare for the mid-turn, and doing so many things that others couldn’t! So if yes, I would like to learn how to stay in good spirit without sleeping.

補充: why are you always tired?

Dear Zara,

Hello, Zara! I’m your pen friend Iris. I’m going to London with my family on July 12th to July 31th, and I would like to meet you on July 15th or 16th, which one do you prefer? We can play board game and chatting together.



請觀賞你的人生目標是什麼?5 歲小孩到 75 歲老爺爺的回答是

不會的單字抄在筆記本[以全民英檢初級及中級單字為主] ,並完成測驗。 

※How about you? Please write down you answer to “What’s your goal in life?"
You are supposed to write in one to two sentences.






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