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In the reading passage, the author gave some reasons for believing supporting that dinosaurs were endotherms; however, the speaker in the lecture seemed to have a different point of view.[他提出幾點推論??]

The author of the passage believed that only endotherms, the animals that can keep their body temperature constant, were able to live in polar regions, and some dinosaur fossils were found there. But the speaker in the lecture thought that there were[are]warm and cold seasons in the polar regions. In the warm seasons, it was hot enough for the dinosaurs to live, and in the cold seasons, the dinosaurs might have moved to the warmer area for a while. In this point of view, dinosaurs could be reptiles. 

Another evidence that supports that dinosaurs were endotherms is that dinosaurs’ legs were underneath their body, not at the sidebeside.(20分鐘)This means dinosaurs were probably able to run, and running is allowed if the animal is an endotherm. However, the speaker said that dinosaurs’ legs were underneath their body was because their bodies were so heavy that their legs couldn’t support their bodies if their legs were beside their bodies.

The last evidence that the author of the passage gave is that fossilized bones of dinosaurs are usually dense with Haversian canels, which are bone structures that are only included in endotherms and allow animals to grow quickly. The speaker in the lecture said that dinosaur fossils also include “growth ring”, which make animals grow fast and slowly in warm and cold seasons, and this can be an evidence that dinosaurs were reptiles.

These are the reasons that supports the author of the passage and the speaker in the lecture.(35min) [In conclusion, according to A and B, the lecture objects that dinosaurs were reptiles. ]


Polar dinosaurs





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