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Howard's Writing

Fill the gaps with the correct tenses. 請依提示填入適當的時態,記得動詞要變化

  1. I (learn) ___have been learning_______English for seven years now.
  2. But last year I (not / work) __didn’t work__________ hard enough for English, that’s why my marks (not / be) _____weren’t_______ really that good then.
  3. As I (pass / want) ____want to ________ my English exam successfully next year, I (study) __am going to study_________ harder this term.
  4. During my last summer holidays, my parents (send)  ______sent________ me on a language course to London.
  5. It (be) _______was_________ great and I (think)  ____think_______________ I (learn)  _______have learned____________ a lot.
  6. Before I (go) ___went_________ to London, I (not / enjoy) __hadn’t enjoyed________ learning English.
  7. But while I (do) ______was doing______ the language course, I (meet)  ____met__________ lots of young people from all over the world.
  8. There I (notice) _____noticed_________ how important it (be) _________is______ to speak foreign languages nowadays.
  9. Now I (have) __have____________ much more fun learning English than I (have)  ___had________________ before the course.
  10. At the moment I (revise)  _____am revising__________ English grammar.
  11. And I (begin / already) __have already begun_________ to read the texts in my English textbooks again.
  12. I (think) _think__________ I (do) ____will do__________ one unit every week.
  13. My exam (be) ____is___________ on 15 May, so there (not / be) ___isn’t________________ any time to be lost.
  14. If I (pass)  __pass_____________my exams successfully, I (start) __will start_______ an apprenticeship in September.
  15. And after my apprenticeship, maybe I (go) ___will go___________ back to London to work there for a while.
  16. As you (see / can) ____can see___________, I (become) __have become_________ a real London fan already.

來源: https://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/tests/language-course

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