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題目: The Best Excuse (故事接龍)

Jesse常常遲到,老師警告他不准再犯了,這一天,他很快地出門,但在路上發生了一些事讓他耽擱了,你覺得發生了什麼事? Jesse又要如何像老師解釋呢? 請完成故事~




There were many things that Jesse could do well.He could play six songs on the guitar. He could change his little sister’s diaper while she was standing.He was a really fast skateboarder…But getting to school on time was not one of those things.

His teacher, Mrs. Milquetoast,had warned him many times about being late, so on Monday morning he skipped breakfast,hopped on his skateboard, and got an early start to school. Unfortunately, a policeman saw him and stopped him. “It is really dangerous to skate this so fast. You can easily ram into others," he said. Jesse was really unhappy and ignored the policeman’s warning. After a minute, he’s his skateboard was tripped by a stone and Jesse fell and hit the ground hardly.  It was so hurt that he had to walk slowly to the school. Suddenly, a pickpocket quickly took his wallet from his pocket and ran away. Jesse tried to chase after him but he was too hurt[/but still in vain].

Finally, he went to[arrived] the school. Jesse was walking up the stairs when the bell rang. “Oh no, I am late again,“he thought. He went to his classroom using his fastest speed[at full speed] but it was too late. Mrs. Milquetoast was already waiting him in the classroom. She told the principal that it was the 100 times that Jesse went to school late since he first came. He was flunked out from the school right away. Jesse was extremely disappointed.


The best excuse (請列印)




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