[Iris]0307 Cheering for the Team

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作文題目  故事接龍–Cheering for the team

The World Baseball Classic was going to take place. Wang, Chen and Huang, three baseball fans, wanted to cheer for Chinese Taipei. However, they lived in the school dormitory where there was no TV to watch the game live. In order to cheer for the team they support, they thought of an idea….

Please finish the story with a complete ending.

* World Baseball Classic 世界棒球經典賽 (每年3/6~23)
☆ 參考句型(至少用到下列兩項):
1. not only…but also…
2. 轉折詞(例如: however, moreover, therefore, in addition….  )
3. 關係代名詞(who, which都可以)
4. so… that…
5. too…to…
6. To his/her/my astonishment/ surprise,… 令他/她/我驚訝的是…


The World Baseball Classic was going to take place. Howard, Mickey and I, three baseball fans, wanted to cheer for Totoro team. However, our school dormitory didn’t have a TV to watch the game live. So, we thought of a good idea. We raised money from whole grade student(all of the students in our grade), and of course we got enough money for a TV.

On the day of WBC, a lot of students came to(/squeezed into) our room to watch the game. However, when we were cheering loudly for Totoro team, the TV was turned off/ shut down suddenly! When we turned around confusedly back, guess what! Mrs. Hsieh, who is the most mean teacher in our school, was taking the remote control and staring at us! “TV is not allowed for a TV  in the dorm!"she yelled. " I’ll put this TV it in the principal’s room."Then she took the TV and walked away. Everyone was sad, and I was still regrating about regretted that I forgot to close the door.





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