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☆ 參考句型(至少用到下列兩項):
1. not only…but also…
2. 轉折詞(例如: however, moreover, therefore, in addition….  )
3. 關係代名詞(who, which都可以)
4. so… that…
5. too…to…
6.驚嘆句,如:What a beautiful day!/ How beautiful the day is!


It was a sunny  Saturday. Sandy had been excited for a long time because her family was going to go to Totoro City for three days. Before they leave left, Sandy was still thinking about the Totoro city[]. However, when they drove on the highway, they saw numerous/ numbers of cars and buses all over the road!

“Oh my god!" Dad said.
“Our speed per hour is 10 km/hr now, but there is still are 59km (
from here) to Totoro city."
Sandy was so disappointed, but she still said hopefully,
“Maybe the people aren’t so much there!"
However, she was definitely 絕對是 totally完全 wrong.

When they got there, the people were all shouting and pushing each other to buy tickets. “The people who are unable to move freely don’t need to line up!" The server worker yelled. Hearing this, Sandy though of had a good idea. Mom put a ball into her clothes to pretend (that) she was pregnant; Dad used tissue paper to bind all over his leg so his leg looked like broken; Sandy borrowed a wheel chair and sat sitting on it, and they made it! The whole family was happy because they succeed ! They entered the city soon without being discovered. Yet it was kind of embarrassing and guilty, so they decided to set off earlier next time.  

(179 words)

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traffic-jam_106%e5%ad%b8%e6%b8%ac 參考作文




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