[Iris]Taipei International Book Exhibit

Iris' writing

作文題目 Taipei International Book Exhibition

TiBE is held once a year and it always attracts tens of thousands of people taking a visit.
Then, how’s your visit there? How do you feel? What did you do? What is the most special part you saw in the exhibition? Please share with me.


Last Thursday, my mom took my friend Moly and I to go to TiBE.  I was really happy because I could see more new things and find new books in it.

When we got there, I was really happy that I could go in for free [because my mother got free tickets], and the people were not too many. much, too. Soon, we found a place that  where we could experience VR for free!! So my mom quickly signed up for me and Moly. After a few hours, it was finally my turnern. First, I wore a cool glasses, the glasses which makes made me see the picture scenes in the story. Then I took a inductor on my right hand. It let so that I can interactive  with the virtual characters in the story. The VR experience only need  took 5 minutes, but let me  keep a wonderful memory. 

I wish that next year that the TiBE not only provides VR experience ,but also had provides AR experience .

–> will provide not only VR but also AR devices for us to experience.

In short, I really  like the TiBE this year.




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