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作文題目 Making an Internet Friend

Social networking has been so popular recently, such as Facebook, Twitter, Line, Google hangout and so forth. Thanks to these media, we are able to make friends regardless of the geographic barrier. While making friends online brings us joy and refreshment, it may lead to some risks.  Do you agree about making friends online? Why or why not? Please explain with examples(may be TV news or your experience).

你同意交網友嗎? 為什麼? 請解釋並舉例(例子可以是電視新聞或是你的經驗)

1. 用到not only…but also…

2. 至少用到一個轉折詞(例如: however, moreover, therefore, in addition….  )

3. 使用到序數詞(First of all, Secondly…/ For one thing, For another )
e.g. I don’t eat carrots. For one thing, carrots smell disgusting; for another, all my family members hate carrots and so do I.(我不吃紅蘿蔔,其一,紅蘿蔔聞起來很噁心;其二,我的家人都討厭紅蘿蔔,所以我也是一樣)


Now is the erea Era of Internet, social networking media, such as Line, Twitter and Facebook let enable us make friend in other cities, or even other countries. Making new friends could be exciting; however, it could also be dangerous. So, we need to use those iternet social media smartly, and learn it in a correct way. 

I don’t agree on/about making an internet friend. First of all, we don’t know who is making friend with us. On the internet, they can use any  a fake name (*be anonymous) and put any picture on it as their profile picture, so we can’t find out who is him  the true identity of them. Secondly, making internet friends could make us unsafe. He can see all of my personal data, and let me be angry. (*invade my privacy)

Making an Internet friend not only need to be careful, but also protect yourself. Making an Internet friend is really a dangerous thing!





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