[Mickey]0208 An embarrassing shopping experience

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作文題目 An Embarrassing Shopping Experience



1.用到not only…but also…
2. 至少用到一個轉折詞(例如: however, moreover, therefore, in addition….  )
3. 至少用到一個關係代名詞(who, which都可以)


Yesterday, Cathy went to the supermarket to buy some groceries, like shampoo, milk, bread, cookies and so on. She also bought some sausages because Eason likes to eat it.  Cathy asked the a worker(/employee/food sampling staff) where to pay the bill and she went to the (checkout/cashier) counter.

After waiting in line for a long time, Cathy finally could pay the bill pay for her shopping. But she had a problem, she lost her credit card a couple weeks ago, and she only brought 1000 dollars. However, the bill  was 1010 dollars. Cathy can’t couldn’t pay the bill  pay for her groceries. Fortunately, Mickey, who is the boss of the Mickey restaurant, gave her ten dollar so Cathy can go.

→Fortunately, the man staying in line behind Cathy was the boss of the Mickey restaurant, Mickey.  He was so generous that he gave her ten dollars to help her out.

Cathy thanked Mickey many times for the help. She learned that if you want to go out and buy things, you not only need to check if your car(d?) is OK, but also need to check if you bring enough money!


pay the bill/ pay the check 餐廳、飯店

Pay the bill 水電瓦斯的帳單 (gas/ electricity/ water)

may I have my bill?(B.E.)餐廳 

check out飯店

pay for my purchase/shopping/groceries/item 付(某物)的錢

pay by cash/ by credit card 現金付費、信用卡付費


  1. Some of restaurants in my neighborhood are closed in the afternoon.
  2. Most time I get to school early.
  3. Most of fast food restaurant are unhealthy.
  4. All of stray dogs are accommodated in this shelter.
  5. I am easy to get fat.
  6. People are easy to forget a new acquaintance’s name.
  7. Even the weather is terrible, I still have to go to work.
  8. Even you don’t want to, you need to study hard.
  9. Even if a child can solve the math question.


Even though vs. even if   vs. even
實際情形   vs. 即使假設  vs. 就連…




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