[Iris]An embarrassing shopping experience

Iris' writing

作文題目 An Embarrassing Shopping Experience


1. 用到not only…but also…

2. 至少用到一個轉折詞(例如: however, moreover, therefore, in addition….  )


It was a rainy Sunday. Sandy was very bored because she couldn’t go anywhere. She remembered what she saw on the computer yesterday“Totoro Super market: everything is 20% off!!!" So she decided to go to the Totoro Supermarket.  there to buy the daily necessity and kill the time.

When she got there, it was ten o’clock, so she could buy could spend for a long time going shopping. She did not only bought a shampoo, but also bought a hot dog. After she finished/completed her purchase, she went to check()out happily. However, when Sandy took out $799 to cashier, the cashier said, “Sorry! But it(the total) is need $800″ Sandy felt a little angry and argued, “But iteverything is 20% off!" The cashier said nicely, “1000x 80%=800$" Sandy said. “ButI don’t have enough money! How about I don’t buy this shampoo?" “Sure!" She(The cashier) said happily.

缺結尾: After this embarrassing experience of shopping, Sandy learned that she should bring much more money with her next time when she goes shopping. Otherwise, she would feel regretful again.

**How about + something/ someone (+N.)
**How about 亦可以加一個子句




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