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高年級實習生(The Intern)

時態: 記得你在描述電影劇情時要用現在式

The film begins with a widower, Ben (Robert De Niro). Ben becomes a lonely man after he retired from his work, so he decides to join Jules’ (Anne Hathaway) company “ATF" to work as an intern. After there their hard work , they don’t just make ATF bettermore importantly, they find themselves a brand new life of themself   and find each other the true friend that who they can learn on from.

After seeing the whole movie, my favorite character is Ben. I think he is a healthy and happy old man, and it’s the most important thing for an old person. For example, he would can go to do some exercise in the park, or go to ATF to make himself feel not lonely. They’re all good examples for us to learn how to enrich our life. For us, maybe drawing or reading books can make us more better.

I think this film is thought-provoking and special because the idea of the story was is really good. At the beginning of the story, Ben was is the  intern of Jules. But at last, I think Jules is the intern of Ben, because Ben has more experience of life but Jules doesn’t. So I realized that the most important thing is not what we succeed in, but is what we go through. I also hope that the idea in the story could be real. So that So, when we have our own company, we can find the right direction quickly.

The reason why I like Intern is becausethat it lets us get the opportunity to ponder some questions that aren’t taught in text books .Those questions might be very important in real life .I also have got changed after seeing InternIt makes me learn and improve a lot. If yes So/Therefore,I would like to recommend everyone to watch this great movieI am sure that you could can learn a lot, too! 




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