[Iris]0204 Chinese New Year Holiday

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作文題目:  Chinese New Year Holidays

What did you do in the Chines New Year holidays this year?
Where did you go? Who did you spend the leisure time(閒暇時間) with?
Please share one of the most unforgettable experience with me.
1. so… that… 如此…以至於
範例:  My brother was so lucky that he won 1000 dollars on a scratchcard(我老哥有夠幸運,讓他可以刮中1000元).
2. 至少用到一個轉折詞(例如: however, moreover, therefore, in addition….  )


Chinese New Year was coming. People wish others a happy New Year these days. My family usually stay in Taipei during the Chinese New Year holidayhowever, this year, we decided to went go to my parents’ home–Pingtung, and I was also happy about that.

On the first day at Pingtung,  we went to see visit Grandparents. I was really excited because all the relatives would gather together all here. We ate yummy reunion dinner, and we played sparkles outside the house, too. Before we left, every children got red envelopes from Grandpa and Grandma, and then we went back home.

(At home??)I was supposed to sleep quickly, but I didn’t . My brother who slept beside me were kept snatching the blanket from me.[hogging the cover搶棉被] So I kept snatching it from him, too. Therefore, we were so angry that we didn’t have a good sleep. The first day of Chinese New Year ends.





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