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作文題目:  What a coincidence!

One day, a boy(name him yourself) was on his way to school. On the MRT train, he found a man whose suitcase was left on the seat. What did he do then? Please finish the story and complete it with a creative ending!


Sam is a grade 5 student of DQES (a fifth grader in DQES). One day, he was taking the MRT to school. When the train arrived at DQT station, which is the station of  near his school, he saw a man with in a suit ran out from[running off] the carriage without taking his bag.

Sam remembered his teacher, Mr. Bean, has told them that they should to be honest, which means when they see others drop things on the road, they should return those things back to the owner.

So he picked up the bag and followed the man. However, his legs are too short, so he missed the man. (>>His legs are too short to catch up with the man.) Not knowing what to do, he decided to bring the bag to school to Mr. Bean because he believed Mr. Bean(he) could help him solve the problem.

(124 words)…to be continued.




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