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作業: 作文一篇

作文題目:  Chinese New Year Holidays

What did you do in the Chines New Year holidays this year?
Where did you go? Who did you spend the leisure time(閒暇時間) with?
Please share one of the most unforgettable experience with me.
1. so… that… 如此…以至於
範例:  My brother was so lucky that he won 1000 dollars on a scratchcard(我老哥有夠幸運,讓他可以刮中1000元).
2. 至少用到一個轉折詞(例如: however, moreover, therefore, in addition….  )
3. 至少用到一個關係代名詞(who, which都可以)


In the Chinese New Year holidays, my family and I went to Ping()tung, the southest place(area) in Taiwan. In recent years, it has devoted to promoting specialties such as tuna and wax apples. Pingtung is (a place)where Kenting National Park, the oldest and largest national park in Taiwan, is located. 

We went to many historical siteshowever, the weather it was so hot that we often bought ice cream to eat/ refresh ourselves[使清涼、提振精神]. I spent my leisure time with my cousins by (on) playing the tabletop games like Catan and Citadels.

原句 : I love playing tabletop games with more people[我喜歡和比較多人玩桌遊]

→I prefer playing tabletop games with many/plenty of people[我比較喜歡和很多人玩桌遊]

Pingtung is a place which has great food and historical sites to visit. I want to go there  on the summer vacation again!

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chinese-new-year-vocabulary  (請下載)




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