[Iris]0126 What a coincidence!

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上課時間 01/26

作文題目:  What a coincidence!

One day, a boy(name him yourself) was on his way to school. On the MRT train, he found a man whose suitcase was left on the seat. What did he do then? Please finish the story and complete it with a creative ending!

內置圖片 1


It was the first day for school. Howard got up very early because he didn’t want to got  get/ be late on the first day. He quickly put on wore[wear] his bag and getgot on the MRT.

“Totoro station is almost there!" The door of the train opened. When Howard was going to leve leave/get off the train , a man ran anxiously out the train anxiously .

“He left his bag!" Howard thought. So he picked up the bag and ran off the train. “Excuse me! This is your bag!" The man looked at him [confusedly]. “Oh.But…" when the man was trying to say something, Howard had run away already.

Howard walked into the classroom,. hHe was happy that he isn’t got wasn’t late. Just then, a man  with black thick glasses walked in. Howard was so surprised that the man he had met was his new classmate! He sat beside Howard. “Hey!" The man said. “This isn’t my bag.Why did you give it to me?" “Oh! Really?" Howard feel felt shamed and he quickly ran away.(? 跑去哪阿XD) 




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