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Do you like games? What kind of games do you like most? Strategy games[策略型], RPG(Role play game)[角色扮演], adventure games[冒險類], puzzle games[益智類], action games[動作類]…?  Do you prefer playing tabletop games(e.g. card games, board games) to video games? Please share your gaming experiences and what you feel, what you learn during the game.  For example, you have more interaction with your friends and family members. 


Almost everybody likes games. Unlike other classmates who plays video games, I like the tabletop games the most. It is great fun and I can play with other people in my family.

There are many tabletop games in my home. Include,including Catan, Citadels, Speed cups and so on. I love playing Catan with Eason. He is a good companion at tabletop games. Although Eason loses all the time, he really enjoyeds the game!

I can have more interaction with my friends and family members by the tabletop game. Eason and I play it all the time! I cannot play with him if I play video games!

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video game和 tabletop game玩起來有什麼不同?

Canton是甚麼? 屬於哪類型的遊戲?

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