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作文題目:  Taking the final exam

Ming is a junior high school student. On the day before the final exam, he stayed up late to study. However, next day, he got up late and was late for school. What’s worse, he fell asleep during the test. What would happened to Ming?
Please finish the story in at least 120 words.


burn the midnight oil 熬夜;開夜車
anxious 焦慮的
he hadn’t yet buttoned the shirt 還沒扣完扣子(圖二)
He felt sleepy –> fell asleep (圖三,從想睡到睡著)



Howard was a diligent student, and he always got 100 on his test. One day before his final exam, he was still hard-working studying in his room. “Totoro"spelled’T-O-T-O-R-O’, not ‘D-O-D-O-R-O’. “He yawned. “It’s so hard." So he read and read, soon it’s 2 o’clock. “I need to sleep/go to bed." Howard was so tired that he fell asleep quickly.

The next time when Howard opened his eyes was eight o’clock. “WWHHATTT??" His heart sped up.He ran out his door room, brushed his teeth, washed his face and rushed to school. He even hadn’t yet buttoned the shirt but he still got late. But this wasn’t the worst! When he was writing his test, he was so sleepy that he fell asleep!

“Howard, Wake up! Today is your final exam!" his mom yelled to him. “Luckilykily , it isn’t real." Howard thought.

(121 words)




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