[Mickey]0118 What a coincidence!

Mickey's Writing

上課時間: 1/15 (日) 晚上 8:00

作業: 作文一篇

作文題目:  What a coincidence!

One day, Mickey was on his way to school. On the MRT train, he found a man whose suitcase was left on the seat. What did he do then? Please finish the story and complete it with a creative ending!



One day, when Mickey was taking the MRT on his way to school. On the MRT train. He saw a man who waslooked really anxious and kept watching his watch. When/Once/As soon as the MRT train arrived at the Qiyan station, he rushed to get off ran out the train right away and forgot his suitcase. Mickey took his suitcase and began to chase after him.

After a few minutes, Mickey caught up with overtook him and gave him his suitcase. He watched the clock on the wall, “It is 7.55 now. I need to be quick!" Mickey began to run. Fortunately, Mickey is a fast runner. He was not late for school in the end. He quickly wiped his sweat [from his forehead]and sat down.

Suddenly, the substitute teacher came in the classroom. To Mickey’s surprise, he was the man who Mickey had helped! He thanked Mickey again and again.AND… Mickey felt so happy that day.

(130 words)


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