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作文題目:  Donating Blood


tips: 多寫一些情緒轉折,例如圖三他有多麼緊張、焦慮,到後來是嚇昏了,還是鬆了一口氣呢?


  • voluntary blood donation(n.)志願捐血
  • donate blood (v.)捐血
  • blood shortage(n.) 缺血
  • blood bank (n.) 血液銀行 [存放血液的地方]
  • invite sb. to donate blood
  • registration form(n.) 報名表/登記表
  • anxious焦慮/ break a cold sweat冒冷汗/ go pale臉色發白/ trembling顫抖



Dan is a university student who is 19 years old. One day, when he was going home[on his way home], he saw a blood mobile parked alongside the street. A volunteer of the donate blood truck blood donation center came to him ad said, “We had a blood shortage now, could you donate your blood?" Dan thought about it for a while and nodded.

Dan got on the truck vehicle/ blood mobile, singed on the registration form and another volunteer use a syringe and started taking out blood. Dan felt really anxious. He was trembling and broke a cold sweat. After donating, Dan got a small drink and went home.

 The next day, Dan told his friends about his experience of donating blood, and his friends all went to the bloodmobile to donate their blood. They knew their blood can help other people who needed and felt really happy!

(128 words)




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