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作文題目:  Offer A Helping Hand

On New Year’s Eve, a boy went to a night market with his family.
However, because it was so crowded that the boy got lost.
You just saw the boy and decided to offer him a helping hand.
Please finish the story in at least 120 words. 

背小孩(小孩坐在肩上): carry the child on one’s shoulders .
背小孩(小孩趴在背上): carry the child on one’s back. 

The Diary on January 1st

Yesterday I went to the Totoro night market with my boyfriend Howard.  I dressed up beautifully and wore my favorite dress, and I also brought a little bag for carrying (my personal things and)the things I bought.

When we got there, I saw a store was selling the backpack of the Anime, My Neighbor Totoro! The backpack was soooo(super/so/really/extremely) cute, but it was limited edition, and there was only one left! But when I was taking my money from my bag/wallet/purse, we heard someone crying.

Howard took my hand and said, “Let’s go to see what happened!" He said.
“But…." I didn’t want to go with him, because the backpack was so precious that I can’t find another better one. But, I still left the store.

We found a little boy crying on the ground by the Monkey store, so we decided to help him.
“What’s wrong?"ask Howard.
“I am lost! : (("
“OK! I think I could help you."(who said?)
So Howard carried the child on his shoulders.

After a few minutes, the boy yelled “Mom!"
“Mickey!" A woman ran toward worried to Howard with worry. 
The boy finally found out her mom, an just when I was going to buy my backpack. 
“Iris! I have a gift for you!"(who said?)
He gave me a beautifully wrapped gift box. “Thank you!"
I opened the gift,and it was a Totoro backpack.


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