[Howard]0107 Offer a Helping Hand

Howard's Writing

2017/1/7 (六)晚上上課

作文題目:  Offer A Helping Hand

On New Year’s Eve, a boy went to a night market with his family.
However, because it was so crowded that the boy got lost.
You just saw the boy and decided to offer him a helping hand.
Please finish the story in at least 120 words.

背小孩(小孩坐在肩上): carry the child on one’s shoulders .
背小孩(小孩趴在背上): carry the child on one’s back. 


On New Year’s Eve, my sister and I went to a night market. However, because it was so crowded, my sister got lost. I was quite worried because both me and my sister and I  are short. We probably wouldn’t see each other even if we wereare actually very near.

While I was walking aimlessly, I saw a boy sitting and crying on the floor/ground. When I saw him, I felt a little easier about finding my sister[→I find it a litter easier to find out my sister] because since he was so short, there was no reason that I could see him but couldn’t see my sister.[→because I could see the boy who is as tall as my sister, so it didn’t make sense if I couldn’t see my sister.

I crouched down beside him and asked him,
“Why don’t you go and cry at another place/ elsewhere? It’s very annoying [for others] to see/hear a boy crying at the middle of the road. What’s more,? you may let their mood down[get them down], and they might kick you accidentally or deliberately."

However, he seemed to cry even louder after hearing my mean but reasonable words. So I said to him nicely, “Do you need any help?" (hypocrite偽君子)

and he said,"I don’t want to talk to you because my mom said I can’t talk to strangers especially if the stranger speak mean to me[用關代試試: to whom is mean to me]. By the way, I am lost, I can’t find my mom."[跳tone]

( 207 words)

As a nice person, I cannot ignore his words, so I carried him on my shoulders and walked in the roads on the street. Because I’m afraid that he would be lonely, I asked him to look for his parents, and my sister at the same time.

I told him if he helped me find my sister, he wouldn’t have to pay me for the exciting ride on my shoulders. To save his pocket money, he agreed with my transaction(deal). Soon, we saw my sister, carried on a man’s back.  Guess what! The man is the boy’s dad!

“What a small world!"the boy said. “What a happy ending!" I said. So I brought my sister home and let the man brought the child away. On the way home, I blamed my sister for about being lost; however, she said, “You were are the one being lost!"

(141 words)

  • blame 人/事 for sth. 把..歸咎於 e.g. Iris still blames Howard for their getting lost.
  • blame sth on sb/sth. e.g. Once she gets fat, she blames it on the desserts I make.
  • sb./sth is to blame (for sth.) 某人/某事物(對某事)負有責任 e.g. More than one official is to blame for the explosion in Kaohsiung



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