[Mickey]0108 The Final Exam

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作文題目:  Taking the final exam

Ming is a junior high school student. On the day before the final exam, he stayed up late to study. However, next day, he got up late and was late for school. What’s worse, he fell asleep during the test. What would happened to Ming?
Please finish the story in at least 120 words. 



burn the midnight oil 熬夜;開夜車
anxious 焦慮的
he hadn’t yet buttoned the shirt 還沒扣完扣子(圖二)
He felt sleepy –> fell asleep (圖三,從想睡到睡著)


Ming is a high school student who studies in Ivy high school. He studies hard and gets good grades every time on every test and exam.

One day, before the final exam, he stayed up late to study. He slept/went to bed at 2 O’clock! Not surprisingly, he got up at 9 O’clock and was lastlate for school. Fortunately, he caught up with the test./ arrived in time

After the teacher passed out the exam paper, he soon fell asleep during the test. The teacher ignored him and let him sleep. After an hour, the bell rang, the teacher took back the papers and said, “Wake up, Ming. The test is over. You slept through  class."

(OR: After getting the exam paper, Ming let out a sigh of relief because he found  the test was not difficult at all. Ming felt relaxed and started feeling sleepy and  nodding off, then he fell asleep with the pen in hand.)

The Next day, the teacher announced the score, and Ming got 18, which is the lowest score in the school ever. He felt really miserable that day.

(130 words)




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