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0101/ 2017 上課

作業: 作文一篇+ 文法選擇題11-20+ 英文片語(接續3個)

作文題目:  Offer A Helping Hand

On New Year’s Eve, a boy went to a night market with his family.
However, because it was so crowded that the boy got lost.
You just saw the boy and decided to offer him a helping hand.
Please finish the story in at least 120 words.


背小孩(小孩坐在肩上): carry the child on one’s shoulders .
背小孩(小孩趴在背上): carry the child on one’s back. 


Yesterday is was New Year’s Eve, Cathy and I went to a night market. We bought some food to eat(ate some food) and joined the New Year Countdown. When I was counting down “5, 4, 3, 2,1″, I saw a little boy crying in the corner.

[The boy had got lost and was separated from his parents at the crowded night market.]I asked him some questions about why he was there, where his parents were , where he lived did you live and so on. 

When I finally knew the situation[/After I had the idea of his situation], I carried the boy on my shoulders to help him find his parents and siblings. As After we walked for one hour, he fell asleep on my shoulders unexpectedly! I had to takecarry him to the nearest police station. The police promised me that they would find out the boy’s parents. Then I came back to home.[where is Cathy?]

Yesterday, I not only saw the New Year firework show/display, but also helped a boy finding his parents. Yesterday was my the most special New Year‘s Eve I have ever had!

(150 words)

人擠人: crowded/ packed with people/ full of people
哭泣: crying –> sobbing –> have tears in eyes
count down  : 相反 count up
eve 前面+ on , e.g. on Christmas Eve/ on New Year’s Eve





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