[Howard]12/31 小胖子樂透

Howard's Writing



你有聽過西班牙的胖子樂透嗎?胖子樂透在每年聖誕節前夕開獎,是西班牙窮人一夕致富的珍貴機會。請先閱讀完地球圖擊隊【西班牙「胖子」樂透 聖誕節全民運動】這篇文章,並依據提示寫下作文。

  1. 文章第一段請簡單介紹何為「胖子樂透」
  2. If you won the lottery, what would you do? Helping the poor or buying a new computer? or anything else?

** El Gordo是中獎人者,因為中獎所以很胖(口袋飽滿)
**此樂透的西班牙文為「 Lotería de Navidad」,英文以「Spanish Christmas Lottery」代稱
** 其他英文用字請參考Spanish Christmas lottery的維基百科


Spanish Christmas Lottery (a.k.a. Lotería de Navidad) is held in Madrid every year during the Christmas holiday. The difference between this lottery game, and the other normal ones is that people usually buy the lottery tickets together [because one ticket costs €200, which is not generally affordable]. There are ten tickets with the same number in a set[The ticket is numbered from 0000 to 10000. Each number has multiple tickets, so the total tickets sold are more than 10,000. ]. People usually buy all ten of them with their family or friends. In this way, they can share the joy of winning the lottery together.[ Interestingly, the jackpot winner is called “El Gordo", which means a fat guy.][Because of the huge prize payment, it brings a hope for the poor living in the rural area in Spain, and some of them really have made their dreams come true, turning a new leaf of life after hitting the jackpot. ]

If I won the lottery, I would use the money to hold another lottery game. The game would be called “Howard’s Lottery." It would be held on August 28th each year, which is my birthday. Then I can make much money (? How? )  and buy a nice birthday gift for myself. [Not clear]

(115 words)


第二段的內容還可以增加,因為這份作文主要可以發揮的就是第二部分,所以可以想想你的Howard’s lottery可以有特色,或是為什麼會想要有一大筆錢買禮物,是你有特別想要的東西,還是你想濟貧。最後加個結論,使文章更完整。


  1. Since 1812
  2. The Spanish Christmas lottery is the second longest continuously running lottery in the world.
  3. As measured by the total prize payout, the Spanish Christmas Lottery is considered the biggest lottery worldwide





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