[Iris] Celebrate the hot Christmas Day

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作文題目: Celebrate the hot Christmas

Christmas is always cold and snowy. But this year, we celebrated the hottest Christmas Day ever in history. Adelaide, a city in Australia, had its hottest Christmas Day  for more than 71 years.

What can you infer from this information?
What’s wrong with the weather?
What will we do in Christmas if the temperature keeps rising up in the following years?
Please explain your ideas

At least 120 words

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Christmas is always cold and snowy, just like in North Pole. Everyone wears jackets, gloves, boots, and even sly lies on the snow! But what I see on this year this Christmas is much different from before. Most of the people wear T-shirt and pants, and the sun is so big just like summer! / It is as hot as in the summer time!

It‘s not doesn’t seem good at all because if Santa is coming from the North Pole to Taiwan, he will feel too hot, and he’ll also think it’s bothersome to change his clothes from jackets to T-shirt.

So, I think Santa should add an air conditioner on his sleigh, or just a fan would be OK. He can also bring an ice bucket with some ice cream in it, because when he is tired and hot, he can get some energy from those snacks. And All in all, if this wish(?)/idea came true, Santa doesn’t  wouldn’t need to worry about the weather anymore!




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