[Mickey]12/25 Help from Stranger

Mickey's Writing


作業: 作文一篇+ 文法選擇題1-10 + 片語造句(set off/ shut off/ take out)

作文題目: Help from Stranger


注意: 圖中男子是騎摩托車(怕看不清楚)

writing tips:
情緒方面可以有多一點描寫,如車子壞了的心情? 有人幫忙的心情?

beV./ get broken 壞了
break down (車子)拋錨
repair/ fix 修理
appreciate 感激


One day, Cathy and Eason were driving a truck on the road. They wanted to go back home after working all day/ a long and tiring day at work. Suddenly, their car broke down on the road! Unfortunately, they did not bring their phone, too.

Cathy and Eason cannot call Dad for help and cannot fix it on their own either. /
Cathy and Eason can neither call Dad for help nor fix it on their own.

After a while, a man riding a scooter came to them. “Did your truck break down? I am  an engineer, maybe I can help you." said the man. He took out a box full of tools, opened the hood,and started fixing it. After an hour, . The man fixed the car/ the car was repaired. Cathy and Eason felt really appreciated. The man said, “You’re welcome." and rode away.

The next day, the man got a certificate of honor from the mayor by helping others. He also get some money as award. Who is that man? He is the boss of the Mickey restaurant, Mickey!




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