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題目: Write a Blog about your trip

Do you have a blog? Have you followed someone’s blog?
Please read the trip diary posted by Lara and create one of your own!

Write your blog about a trip you went on. Think about these questions: Where did you go? Who did you go with? What did you do there? What did you enjoy? What didn’t you enjoy? Do you want to go back?

at least 120 words


coach (n.) 英式英文是指長途巴士
typical (adj.) 典型
queue (n.) 排隊的隊伍;(v.) 排隊


(Last/ This)Thursday was fantastic! We went to English Village of Dahu elementary school for our school trip, and it’s really fun! [We took classes about…?]And(Among all the classes,) my favorite one is “The litter reporter."

First, T. Dina taught us about some words about weather/ how to describe weather. Then, she let us work in groups. Each group needed to choose a place[ an area] and use a mini iPad to search for the weather there. Last, we will gave a weather report reported weather on the stage. Our groups gave the weather report/forecast of France, and it was really great! I like how T.Dina taught us, because she is nice and beautiful. I also like their equipment, because it looks like real!

If yes possible, I would like to have a trip there again!

(114 words)




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