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Do you have a blog? Have you followed someone’s blog?
Please read the trip diary posted by Lara and create one of your own!

Write your blog about a trip you went on. Think about these questions: Where did you go? Who did you go with? What did you do there? What did you enjoy? What didn’t you enjoy? Do you want to go back?

at least 120 words


coach (n.) 英式英文是指長途巴士
typical (adj.) 典型
queue (n.) 排隊的隊伍;(v.) 排隊


A few weeks ago, my classmates and I went on our junior school graduation trip. IDA park in Kaohsiung was one of the spots we went to/ visit.

In the amusement park, we took on almost every equipment(ride/facility/ attraction). I had a lot of fun there.

However, I didn’t like the spooky house very much. It was a famous equipment(attraction) , so the queue was quite long. But it’s worth waiting for it isn’t a typical spooky house because there were  not onlymotionly automatic robots and humans employees dressed up scaring people but also 3D videos playingdisplaying the images of ghosts. Guess what! The images were very even scarier than humans and robots!

Although the technology amazed me, I felt it is too scary for me, a person who only likes cute monkeys to visit. Even so, I still…(?)




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