[Iris]1213 An Accident in the restaurant

Iris' writing




It was a sunny Saturday, but Sandy still wake up early. She was a waitress in Totoro Restaurant, and she knew that there would be many customers today. She must do well, because this is her number 15th work job.

“Excuse me. This is the Donglu soup." Sandy walked slowly to the man who was eating the fruit salad.

“Here you—" But just when Sandy tried to put/serve the bowl on the table, two silly children ran by.

“Hey! Howard! I’m going to catch you!" Two kids just hit Sandy’s foot, and the soup spilled/ splattered on the man’s hair and shirt.

“Hey!" the man yelled (加上情緒或動作angrily/ irritably/staring at Sandy ). “How can you pay for it賠償/compensate me? This is my new shirt!"

“Well……" Sandy was intimidated didn’t know howwhat to do, either!

“Excuse me," said the mom of those kids. “I will pay for your shirt, sir." But actually I will take those money from their monthly allowance." She pointed to the kids.(How did the kids feel or act?)

“OK….."said Sandy. But, after such a serious mistake, she thought that maybe she needed to find another job!

(163 words)

**work 和 job 區別




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