[Mickey]1211 Accident in Restaurant 2

Mickey's Writing



作業: 作文一篇+ 動詞片語(put away/ put on/ put off/ put out) + adventure閱讀測驗

題目: Accident in the Restaurant



★文章中請用到 too…to…(太…以至於不能…)或 so… that(如此…以至於)的句型


  • 倒敘法: It was the most horrible day in my life…
  • 直敘法: One day, the restaurant was packed of customers as usual….


  • busy
  • too tired to serve the dish quickly
  • careless(= reckless )
  • feel irritated by the mischievous children
  • astonished / shocked/ break cold sweat(冒冷汗)/ hold her breath because of shock 因震驚而倒抽氣
  • feel ashamed
  • apologize/ feel frustrated/ feel wronged覺得委屈


Yesterday was the most horrible day in my life. It was my first day to work! I was so happy! I worked as waitress in a famous restaurant where it is always packed with customers. I was a waitress.

One day, as usual,  the restaurant was crowed at meal time. When I went to the restaurant, I served dishes quickly. But and I was tooreally tired

I was holding a hot soup at that time while/when two children in the restaurant playing ranwere playing and running after each other beside me .

I felt so nervous and the soup on my serving plate tray dropped and hit one customers‘s head, 

I was so shocked that I held my breath. I quickly said “Sorry"to the customer for many times. Everyone was looking at me! I felt so embarrassed!

The manager came to deal with the chaos I had made and gave him a free meal and a new shirt.

At night, my boss, Mickey phoned me that I was fired! What a terrible day!


上課教材:reindeer-pizza-delivery-in-hokkaido (請印出,最好是彩色列印)

source: http://qz.com/844655/dominos-dpz-plans-to-use-reindeer-to-deliver-pizza-in-japan-this-winter/






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