[Iris]1206 Stranger’s help

Iris' writing

12 / 06(二)上課



Sandy is a deliveryman, and her work is to carry things from factories to the market. On a Saturday, Sandy and her son Howard were driving a truck of milk milk truck to the TOTORO Supermarket. But when they’re driving throw a street, the truck stopped.

“Hey mom! The traffic light hasn’t turned red! Why do you stop the truck?"Asked Howard.

“I don’t know. Let’s take a look."said Sandy. They jumped/got off the truck, and opened the hood.

“The engine is broken ."said Sandy. “Do you need help?" A man asked. (需修飾)“I’m an engineer, maybe I could help!" –> car break down(機器、汽車拋錨故障)

Sandy said excitedly, “Oh! Thanks!“Sandy said excitedly. " But after 40 minutes, [the car still didn’t work ].Howard yelled,"I’m so tired! Is it almost finished?" “Ah– just a  minutes."The man answered.

Then after 1 hr ago,the man finally smiled, “Finish!" But Sandy looked mad.

“What’s wrong?"asked the man.

“Yeah!?“said Howard."The truck is perfect! Why are you angry?"

“Our milk are has broken rotten!"shouted Sandy.

“10L(liter) of milk are has ALL broken rotten/has been smelly(發臭)."

(151 words)




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