[Iris] Falling Down the Stairs

Iris' writing


題目:Falling Down the Stairs


★related vocabulary:

  1. focus on/ too concentrated on  專注於
  2. overpass 天橋 →pass the overpass過天橋
  3. check sb’s phone 查看手機(看有沒有訊息、電話、看fb有沒有通知、有沒有人寄email)
  4. tab the screen 滑手機(螢幕)
  5. talk to sb. on the phone 和某人講電話
  6. absent-minded (adj.)心不在焉
  7. slip down/ fall down 滑倒/跌落


It was a On a sunny Sunday, Howard was playing PokemonGo at Totoropark. Actually he usually goes to Monkey’s playground to play Pokemon, but his friend Mickey told him that Totoro-park can find more monsters, so Howard changed his mind.

“Oh! That is Snorlax!" Howard shouted excitedly. He chased the Snorlax in the park. But just when he almost catch it, someone phoned to him.

Howard didn’t want to press the bottom button because he didn’t want to interrupt his game, but he still press  it.

“Hey Howard!" It was Mickey.
“I am here at the Totoro-Park. And I find a Pikachu at the first floor(?)!"
“Oh! I will go to am going to join you right now!" Howard ran down the stairs, but he fell down when he was almost there.He stood up with some dirt, but the worst news was that his cellphone was broken.

“Howard! Are you OK?" Mick ran to him. “Well…..I am OK, but my phone wasn’t OK!" Howard cried sadly, and after that day, he didn’t play Pokemon anymore!

卡比獸Snorlax字典: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Snorlax




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