[Howard]1127 Falling down the Stairs

Howard's Writing

[11/27 上課


Falling down the Stairsfalling-down-the-stairs

★related vocabulary:

  1. focus on/ too concentrated on  專注於
  2. overpass 天橋 →pass the overpass過天橋
  3. check sb’s phone 查看手機(看有沒有訊息、電話、看fb有沒有通知、有沒有人寄email)
  4. tab the screen 滑手機(螢幕)
  5. talk to sb. on the phone 和某人講電話
  6. absent-minded (adj.)心不在焉
  7. slip down/ fall down 滑倒/跌落


Sam was playing PokemonGo (while he was walking) on the way home. He didn’t use to play games on the phone but (he used)to phone  make a phone/call all the time.

The reason why he‘s playing it lately(/recently) is that he likes Pikachu a lot.

Sam passed the overpass while kept staring at his phone. 

However, he was also keeping the traffic in mind, so he didn’t get hit by a car or caused any accident.

When he got home(?), he thought it was completely safe and he believed he wouldn’t get hurt, so he focused all of his mind on his phone.

When he stepped on the stage was going downstairs, he fell down and broke both his both hands(broke his arms). (發展太快)

→fell down → cellphone dropped→ broke his arms 

Although his phone was saved(only got minor cracks/ was not broken), he wouldn’t be able to play PokemonGo for a long time.



  • 故事劇情與圖片不完全符合
  • 可以有更多描述
  • 連接詞、時態部分有誤
  • 用字問題 (e.g. keep the traffic in mind (?)


1. 有什麼情境是關於沉迷?

2. 沉迷的人會有什麼行為表現?




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