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11/25(五) face to face 在台中上課喔!!!

題目: Write a Blog about your trip

Do you have a blog? Have you followed someone’s blog?
Please read the trip diary posted by Lara and create one of your own!

Write your blog about a trip you went on. Think about these questions: Where did you go? Who did you go with? What did you do there? What did you enjoy? What didn’t you enjoy? Do you want to go back?

at least 120 words


coach (n.) 英式英文是指長途巴士
typical (adj.) 典型
queue (n.) 排隊的隊伍;(v.) 排隊


My graduation trip *1 is on November 10th , *2 two weeks ago! I We went to arrived at E-DA world theme park at 10.30. *3 There are already many schools in the theme park.

My favorite (entertainment)facility/ride is “Flying over Taiwan". It is a installation  facility in which you can see the 22 special places(attractions) in Taiwan by sit on a 3-floor high chair. These places include  Like Yehliu, Mt. Ali, Grandu bridge and so on. The view was really beautiful and it was not scary at all.

I love this trip to Kaohsiung and Pingtung. Although the aquarium and light house (in Kenting) are a quiet boring, I would like to go to E-DA theme park again.

(102 words)

*1  from… to…?
*2  .It has been two weeks ago.
*3  時態及名詞用法有誤,應是There had been many students from other schools who also came here for graduation trip.
進階: 兩具合併
At the time we arrived at E-DA theme park, there had been many students from other schools who also came here for graduation trip.

**單字 ride/ facility較常出現在講amusement park的設施,ride比facility更常出現,installation比較像是裝置(e.g. 電腦內部)



  • 這次作文題目剛好可搭配你最近的經驗,所以應該記憶猶新,有很多個人心得、回憶可以發揮。
  • 寫部落格可以輕鬆不拘格式,可以只介紹幾個你印象深刻的景點或活動
  • 如果義大遊樂園是你最喜歡的,希望你可以針對義大的設施介紹、同學發生的糗事、你的心情…都可以說得更多


aqua- 水

  • Aquarius 水瓶座
  • aquatic (adj.) 水生的、水棲的,e.g. an aquatic plant 水生植物

carousel 旋轉木馬,or you can say “Merry-go-round"(歡樂轉不停)

roller coaster 雲霄飛車,roller是翻滾,coaster是滑坡用的雪橇;roller-coaster是形容詞,指「起伏不定」 ● be on the emotional roller coaster.

複習:  間接問句文法





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