[Iris]1122 Date in the Amusement Park

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題目 Date in the Amusement Park



It was a big day. Sandy woke up at 5:00 5 o’clock,and then she dressed up quickly.

“I need to wear a cute clothes." She thought. “Howard will love it!"

Howard is Sandy’s boy friend, and they‘re were having a date at an amusement park.

Arriving the amusement park, Sandy waved hardly at Howard and yelled"Hey! Howard!".

“Let’s play the carousel!" said Howard. So they both played the carousel. But after that, Sandy said, “That’s too slow! I want to play roller coaster. It’s over there!" She jumped and yelled.

“Well…"Howard looked worried.

“Let’s go!!!" But Sandy already ran away and stayed in line.

“OOhhh- Yeah—!!!" The roller coaster fell from high to low(from the top) just in 5 seconds. Sandy enjoyed the thrill, but Howard looked bad/ terrified.

“Excuse me," he said. “I need to go to the bathroom" he threw up a lot, and he fell better.

I guess we can(Shall we/ Let’s) play carousel, OK?" Howard asked Sandy. “We….. Sure!"


亞媛的文章在內容上一直都非常豐富,但是時態是最大的問題!! 記得說故事用過去式。第二是拼字,例如roller和rollar,guess和gess,fall和feel的過去式區分,要特別注意。


cloth vs. clothing vs. clothes 差異

未來式的用法: will/ beV going to/ beV. + Ving

人名不會發音怎麼辦? 找youglish!( link在resource都有!)




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