[Mickey]1120 Falling from Stairs

Mickey's Writing


題目: Falling from stairs


★Look at the pictures and write a complete story describing what happened to him and make up the ending. Write at least 130 words.

★writing tips:

  1. think about why the boy was staring at his phone
  2. In the picture 2, who was he talking to on the phone? What he might talk about?

★related vocabulary:

  1. focus on/ too concentrated on  專注於
  2. overpass 天橋 →pass the overpass過天橋
  3. check sb’s phone 查看手機(看有沒有訊息、電話、看fb有沒有通知、有沒有人寄email)
  4. tab the screen 滑手機(螢幕)
  5. talk to sb. on the phone 和某人講電話
  6. absent-minded (adj.)心不在焉
  7. slip down/ fall down 滑倒/跌落


One day, a boy called Eason was on his way to home. He was passing the overpass because it is dangerous to pass/walk across the road/intersection, but he was checking his phone at the same time. Although there was a sign that said “Do not use phones on the overpass!," Eason didn’t see it.(不小心沒看到 or 看到了還是照看?)

*Eason ignored it, still staring at the screen.

Then, his phone rang. Eason answered the phone. It was from his mother! His mom was asking called to ask him about *1 what had happened today in school, what did he eat for lunch and where is he now. While he was replying , he was absent-minded and accidentally slipped down the two-floor high stairs!

*2 The people nearby called 119 right away. The police and ambulance came after five minutes. Eason’s mom tried to find/call him, but his phone was completely broken. His one arm and one leg had were fractured. Hopefully, he didn’t die in this accident.

(147 words)

how was school today?/ how was your day at school? –>  how school was today .
What did he eat for lunch? –>  what he ate for lunch.
Where is he now? –> where he was.

The people nearby –> witness (v.) 目睹 (n.) 證人; passersby(n.) 路人



check the link: https://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/reported-speech




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